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Superheroes. We all love them, and humans have always been fascinated and telling stories about superhumans and their increadibly feats.

Some of the oldest stories known to mankind, such as the Sumerian creation myth and the story of when the world was flooded (a myth which researchers believe might have inspired the adventures of Noah in the Bible) tell us about humans that was selected by the gods to perfom great deeds.

Free Spins on Superhero slots

Slot GameCasinoOffer / Wagering / Dep. or ndPlay now
Wonder Woman slots
£200 / 35x / DepositPlay Now
Man of Steel
£5 / 40x / No depositPlay Now
Green Lantern
£10 / 50x / No depositPlay Now
Justice League
£400 / 20x db / DepositPlay Now
Superman I slots
£5 / 40x / No depositPlay Now
Superman II slots
£10 / 50x / No depositPlay Now
The Flash slots
£400 / 20x db / DepositPlay Now
The Sumerian hero and king Ziu-d-sura was given eternal life by the gods for having preserved all the animans alnd the seed of mankind. The Greek heroes Hector and Achiilles fought vehemently during the siege of Troy in Homer's The Iliad, and we all know of Hercules and his super strength.

It stands to reason then, that this fascination of humans with superpowers continue into our days, and everything that is important in popculture is destined to find its way into the world of online slots.

Wonder Woman Slots

Anyone that knows a thing or two about DC Comics have come across Wonder Woman, the Amazon warrior princess that is also one of the most powerful superhoeroes in the DC Universe. She was given her power by the Gods to fight against evil. Raised on the island of Themyscira, entirely by women, she was sent to the world of man to spread ther message of love and strength.

Bonus offers for Wonder Woman slots

Slot gameCasinoOffering / Wagering / Dep. or ndPlay now
Wonder Woman Gold slots
£10 / 50x / No depositPlay Now
Wonder Woman slots
£100 / 20x / DepositPlay Now
Wonder Woman Gold slots
£200 / 35x / DepositPlay Now
Wonder Woman Gold slots
£100 / 35 x / DepositPlay Now
Wonder Woman slots
£200 / 35x / DepositPlay Now
In the DC Universe, Wonder Woman - just as Batman - fights against crime. But she also acts as a role model for women everywhere, which is more than we can say about Batman. Equipped with magic gauntlets, an invisible jet and the Lasso of Truth, she works for the Department of Metahuman Affairs, having adopted the secret identity of "Diana Prince."

As one of the founders of the Justice League of America, it's no wonder (pun intended) that Warner Bros. Pictures decided to make a Hollywood blockbuster based on this character. And it certainly is no surprise that Cryptologic (WagerLogic) made an online slot with the same name.

But there are other versions as well, the most notable one being Wonder Woman Gold by Ballytech. We'll take a look at both games.

Wonder Woman from Cryptologic

The image below shows the classic Wonder Woman from Cryptologic, and as can be seen we have the usual 9, 10, J, Q, K and A as the lower value symbols. Among the higher value symbols we have the Wonder Woman herself, her invisible jet, a Greek temple, a green-garbed Amazonian, and Ares - the Greek God of War.

The slot has five reels, four rows and 50 paylines. A very suitable and dramatic music accompanies your gameplay, and it heightens the thrill and joy of winning.

Wonder Woman is a great slot mostly because it has so many bonus features, so we'll go through them in detail.

Bonus Bet

This feature will cost you an extra 10 coins per spin and you can activate it when you are playing with all 50 paylines. Your scatter wins will be increased and an extra bonus game - The Ares Showdown - will become available. We recommend you activate the bonus bet for some serious action and chances of much bigger prizes.

Wonder Wilds Free Games

In order to trigger the free spin mode, you need to line of three or more of the Wonder Woman symbols on the reels. This will give you 8 free spins. During the free spin mode, Wonder Woman will help you by adding random wilds to the reels, and these will stay in place for up to 5 spins. All wins during the free spin mode are doubled. That's pretty good news, don't you think?

Ares Showdown Feature

This featur will only be possible to trigger if you are playing with the Bonus Bet activated. What will normally trigger a free spins mode - 3 or more of the Wonder Woman scatter symbols on the reels - will take you to the Ares Showdown Feature.

In this mini game, Ares will attack our beloved Wonder Woman 3 times, and the first two times he will use zombies as well. Wonder Woman must hit Ares all 3 times in order to win the largest prizes. You can get up to 100x the triggering bet if you are really lucky.

Our thoughts about Wonder Woman from Cryptologic

No one can deny that the game is a bit outdated by now, but it doesn't take away the fact that it's a very fun slot to play. Our main advice would be to always activate the Bonus Bet and try to land the Ares Showdown Feature. It's where the big money hides, and the best action. Besides, why would anyone want to play a fully-featured slot if all they are going to use is half of the features?

This is further elaborated in the article: How to win big on Wonder Woman slots.

Wonder Woman Gold from Ballytech

The Ballytech slot is based upon the TV-show from the 1970s where Lynda Carter play the role of the super-heroine. This slot comes packed with a lot of different bonus features which we really love, since it means a better chance to get the big bucks.

The Wonder Woman Gols slot has five reels, four rows and 40 fixed paylines. Graphics wise it oozes of the 1970s, a true vintage feeling induced by lots of bright colours and stars (not to mention Wonder Woman herself that looks like she's been taken straight from "That 70s Show").

The low value symbols are J, Q, K and A, while the higher valued symbols are Diana Prince herself (Wonder Woman's alter ego and secret i dentity), her invisible spacship, the character Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman's indestructible bracelets, and the wild symbol: a WW logo that only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. It will also expand to fill all position in its reel if that means a winning combination can be formed.

Our Top Reviews /

Bonus features

With lots of different bonus features, the Wonder Woman Gold slot promise all players a lot of action. We have no less than four different bonus related features, which makes it a very eventful slot.

Mystery Stacked Reels

One of the high value symbols will be chosen before each spin to appear as stacked.

Free spins

If you land three Wonder Woman symbols you will trigger the free spins mode. These symbols can only appear on reel 1, 3, and 5.

When the free spins mode is triggered you get to choose one of the following alternatives:

Get 8 free spins with the Gold Diana Prince symbol replacing J, Q, K and A.
Get 16 free spins with the Gold Diana Prince symbol replacing J, Q, K and A.
Get 25 free spins with the Gold Diana Prince symbol replacing J and Q.

Retriggering of free spins is unfortunately not possible, a feature we always love to see.

Progressive jackpot

Reels 1 and 5 holds an interesting surprise, if you land the Mini, Major or Mega jackpot symbol on both of them in the same spin you will get the progressive jackpot. The size of it varies all the time, but it is not uncommon for progressive jackpots to end up in the 100s of thousands region - or more - when it's one.

Buy your bonus

Instead of having to wait for the 3 free spins symbol to appear, you can just pay to get instant access to this bonus feature. But you better win some, otherwise it'll be a costly decision.

Our thoughts about this slot

Wonder Woman Gold is a nice slot that sticks very well to the design and the atmosphere of the 1970s television show. It's really fun to play, especially because of the buy your bonus feature. Never have it been so easy to get to free spins mode!

Batman Slots

Another superhero from the DC Comics Universe that is immensly popular. Even more so than the Wonder Woman, we must say. It also shows in the number of Batman Slots out there. Playtech alone have created the following slot machines:
And Playtech are not the only ones that have created a Batman slot. NextGen can be found in their company, and so can Microgaming.

Microgaming's slot The Dark Knight Rises is based on Cristopher Nolan's second movie in the Batman Trilogy. It is also loaded with win potential, more specifically: a progressive jackpot.

It is also the best of all Batman slots, in our humble opinion. But since it's discontinued, we'll focus on NextGen's Batman instead which also packs some serious action.

This is a 5 reels and 50 paylines slot with comic book style graphics, a true piece of art. With stacked wild doubling payouts in the base game, and the opportunity to trigger the Descent Into Madness feature by first activating the Bonus Bet mode, this is an action packed slot with lots of entertainment.

This games allows for rewards of up to 100x your stake, together with re-spins with 3 frozen stacked wilds. Batman online slot by NextGen is a very fine looking piece of game where we get to follow the Caped Crustader when he fight against the Joker and his minions.

The reels are sat against a Gotham City backdrop, and some of the symbols are joker cards, joke flowers, spotlights, Baterangs, fake guns, bat tools, the bat bike and the batmobile, Commissioner Gordon and the Joker.

Batman himself is the game’s wild symbol, and can only appear on the 3rd reel. But he can land as fully stacked, and if the wild forms part of a winning combination, the payout is multiplied by two.

There are two ways to pay this slot: with the Bonus Bet mode activated, or without it. We wholeheartedly recommend you to play WITH the Bonus Bet mode (if you can afford it, of course). Why? Because it opens up some potentially very lucrative features like the Descent Into Madness.

Check it out for yourself at any of our no deposit casinos.

Other superhero slots

Batman and Wonder Woman may be two of the most famous superheroes in the DC Comics universe, but they are far from the only ones out there.

Green Lantern is one of them. Well, to be picky The Green Lantern isn't one superhero, but rather a collection of many superheros that all fight evil with the help of rings that gives them great powers. The Green Lantern slot is developed by Playtech and based on the 2011 Hollywood movie starring Ryan Reynolds. As always, when it comes to superhero slots, Playtech knows how to deliver great games and The Green Lantern is no exception.

Where to play Green Lantern slots

CasinoBonus / Wagering Play Now
£100 / 20 x bonusPlay Now
£50 / 24 x bonusPlay Now
£100 / 50 x bonusPlay Now
£300 / 25 x bonus plus depositPlay Now
£500 / 20 x bonus plus depositPlay Now
£500 / 40 x bonusPlay Now
£300 / 20 x bonus plus depositPlay Now
£400 / 20 x (bonus + deposit)Play Now
£300 / 20 x bonus plus depositPlay Now
£500 / 20 x bonus plus depositPlay Now
RoboCop was a very dystopian portrayal of the future that was on cinema back in 1987. The cybernetic police enforcer fight against crime in Detroit and this slot let us relive some of the best moments of the script.

The table below the screen shot of the big win shows where you can find no deposit RoboCop slots.

Where to play Robocop Slots

CasinoBonus / WageringPlay Now
£100 / 20x bonusPlay Now
10 Free Spins / 20x bonus plus depositPlay Now
£300 / 20x bonus plus depositPlay Now
£10 No Deposit / 100x bonusPlay Now
£50 / 50x bonusPlay Now
£50 / 24x bonusPlay Now
£10 No Deposit / 20x bonus plus depositPlay Now
£500 / 40x bonusPlay Now
£300 / 20x bonus plus depositPlay Now
£200 / 25x bonusPlay Now
No superhero is more superhuman than Superman himself, so it goes without saying that he should have at least one slot. Actually, he has several already, and more coming out. 

The Superman slot is based on the 1978 movie and features 100 paylines, free spins and no less than 4 progressive jackpots! You can try it out completely free at the casinos in the table below, just choose demo mode. That way, you get a good feeling for the game without risking a single penny. An even better alternative is to sign up for a no deposit bonus. That way you can actually win real cash, still without having to risk your own.

Where to play Superman I Slots Free

CasinoBonus / WageringPlay Now
20 Free Spins / 35xbClaim Now
£50 / 24xbClaim Now
£50 / 50xbClaim Now
£300 / 20xb+dClaim Now
£500 / 20xb+dClaim Now
£500 / 40xbClaim Now
£200 / 25xbClaim Now
£10 Free / 40xbClaim Now
£10 Free / 100xbClaim Now
£300 / 20xbClaim Now

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