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Looking for no deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots?

Then you are definitely in the right place! In this review we will not only go through how the Jack and the Beanstalk online game works and what it looks like, but we will also give you tips on where to find no deposit NetEnt casinos to try this game out.

If you're just here for Jack and the Beanstalk no deposit free spins, then you will definitely want to scroll down to see what we're packing for this one of a kind slot.

This is a very in-depth Jack and the Beanstalk slot review, so unless you want to learn all details and tricks that there are to win on this game, just skip straight to the sign-up button below on one of our best no deposit bonuses.

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For whatever reason, free spins dedicated on this game are as rare as the giant's golden egg laying hen. Sure, you will find plenty of spins on games like Starburst slots. But Jackie boy doesn't get the same kind of love. So what can you do? Well, there are a number of different ways to play this game for free - starting with free spins on other NetEnt games. Below you will find out cream of the crop in terms of free spins.

Once you have your free spin winnings, you can spin Jack and the Beanstalk no deposit as much as you like. Some of these casinos may offer free spins on top of a cash match bonus; so not only do you get a generous helping of free spins, but you get to instantly double your bank balance. Beautiful.
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The magical adventure of Jack and the Beanstalk, one of the most beautiful games created by NetEnt, will be scrutinized in this review

No deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots are among the calmest, most relaxing slots that you can find. They are good for several hours of relaxing, yet exciting, game play.

If you win, the money is yours, you just have to fulfill the rollover requirements.

If you lose, well - then at least you know if you like Jack and the Beanstalk no deposit slots or not. If you like them, our best advice is to make a deposit and claim a deposit bonus while you do it. That way you can play for more money and without getting your winning potential limited by the free spin rules.

If you and Jack manages to climb up the beanstalk there are tens of thousands of pounds in jackpots that could be yours!

Nice wins like these can't be won at no deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots - you need to make a real money deposit to be able to hit the jackpot

As usual, NetEnt is the developer behind one of the best slot titles. No deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots are in the very top even among the NetEnt games, which says quite a bit about the quality. The game is loosely based on the fairy tale with the same name.

The whole game does have quite the fairy tale feel to it, like something magical could happen when you’d least expect it. So let us take a closer look on what the Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine games have to offer.

User friendliness

No deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots are basically your ordinary 5 reel slots with 3 rows on each reel. There are 5 symbols of lesser value (10, J, Q, K and A) as well as 5 more valuable symbols (among these we find the boy Jack himself).

With only 20 paylines and a classic setup no deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots are easy to get a hang of even for beginners. The only thing that is different in the regular gameplay mode is “The Walking Wild”.

The nice, soft atmosphere almost makes you wish you could move in with Jack

The Wild symbol no deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots replace all symbols, except for the treasure chest (which is the free spin mode symbol).

But what makes this game different is that if you for example would get the Wild symbol on the third row from the left, you will first be payed for the winning combinations created on that spin, and after that you’ll be rewarded with a free spin while The Walking Wild is moved to the second reel on the left. Once again, you will be paid for the winning combinations on this spin, and then The Walking Wild will move on to the first reel to the left.

The five least valuable symbols in no deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots

In practice then, the Wild symbol is also a sort of free spin symbol, even though it should not be confused with the free spin mode which is something else entirely.

The latter is very interesting in this game, unlike many other slots where the free spin mode basically isn’t much more than regular gameplay with a tad better prizes and spins you don’t have to pay for. That’s why we have dedicated a whole section further down just for this unique game event Jack and the Beanstalk no deposit slots.

We’d like to say that the easily distinguishable and the easy setup makes Jack and the Beanstalk free spins somewhat more user friendly than Gonzo’s Quest, but not quite as easy to learn as Starburst. The reason behind this is especially the interesting, but quite complicated, bonus mode you might reach if you’re wearing your lucky trousers.

The most valuable symbols are, naturally, the hardest to get

Music, sound effects and graphics

We still haven’t come across a single NetEnt slot with poor graphics and sound, and no deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots are no exception.

The graphics here seem to be cartoon inspired, but the symbols are crystal clear, the soundscape is amazing and everything has come together quite nice. Blue butterflies fly past at times over the quiet rural background where the only sound is from the reels when they spin.

The Walking WIld helps you to win - again and again!

No deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots are really made to be enjoyed for hours, mostly because of the harmonious atmosphere. It’s quite fascinating, since the slots with a slower pace usually don’t make it into our list of favourites. Jack and the Beanstalk is the exception to this rule!

It seems as though fewer games choose to skip the background music, so it’s refreshing when a big developer such as NetEnt chooses to do so - while making it work as great as they did with this slot machine.

The slower pace makes the music that accompanies The Walking Wild stand out that much more. You’ll soon start to associate the music with the chance of bigger wins!

Several of the animations can best be described as cute, which is another word that perfectly describes this game. There is no element of “danger” lurking around, like in Mr Green: Moonlight, for example. On the contrary, Jack and the Beanstalk will leave you feeling calm and safe.

Try it yourself - over at Mayfair Casino London you get a fiver to play for free the same second as you’re done registering. Their no deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots won't let you down, chances are that you will return soon with real money deposits to hit the jackpot!

Theme and concept

One of the best things about playing NetEnt titles is that they always have interesting themes and concepts. We can only conclude that the same goes for no deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots.

It’s nice with a slot based on a fairy tale instead of Ancient Egypt, Rome or some kind of sci-fi theme. Placing the “machine” out on the countryside where the only sound is the chirping of birds, is also a smart move making it stand out among the many slots available today.

It’s both cozy and restful to play no deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots. The only time your pulse will make itself known is when it’s time for The Walking WIld, which makes the music pump and giving you several free spins!

Like most slots, this has 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. But there’s a chance to win a crazy big jackpot of 600,000 coins! So it’s not your everyday slot at all, especially not when we examine the bonus mode - which we will come back to in the section unique game events.
One thing to keep in mind with no deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots is that you can not hit the real jackpot. Like all free spin offers, no deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots comes capped with a maximum win potential.

If you want the chance to take home 600,000 coins, then you need to put in real money. With minimum coin value a big jackpot would be £6,000, and with the maximum bet it would mean £300,000. Now that's something worth aiming for, isn't it?

Enough treasure chests to make both you and Jack happy!

As always you need to match the symbols, as is shown in the image. That’s as complicated as it gets. An exception, though, is The Walking WIld symbol that moves from reel to reel. It always functions as a wild symbol, but every move means a new free spin.

The unique bonus mode is what makes Jack and the Beanstalk so exciting. You literally climb up to the sky, trying to steal the evil giant’s treasure!

We will tell you more about this in the next section, but it might be easier to understand if you check out our video a little further down.

It's time to check out the video below if you want to see what it looks like when you hit a Jack and the Beanstalk free spins win.
Regarding the theme and the concept of the no deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots, one thing is certain: the harmonious, idyllic countryside as a backdrop makes it difficult to tear yourself away from the game. It becomes a little oasis of its own, a place where no dishes await you and no assignments need to be completed.

The best way to understand what we are talking about is of course to make a few spins yourself. Either try it for free in the demo mode, which most casinos allow, or register at a casino that will give you free spins or real money to play for as a thank you for becoming a member.

Unique game events

The really big wins start appearing when you leave regular gameplay. When Jack gets 3 treasure chest, your ascense to the heavens begin - with a little help from your friendly beanstalk, that is. 

Finally there, you’ll start off with 10 free spins, with the chance of more should you manage to get yet another 3 treasure chests. In addition to the regular symbols, you may also get keys here.

Three keys are needed to unlock yet another type of Wild symbol: the Money Bag. Collect yet another 3 keys and you will unlock an even better Wild symbol: the Golden Hen. This Wild symbol takes up 2 rows on each reel instead of one, which significantly increases your chances of winning,

And should you be so lucky to collect yet another 3 keys you will unlock the best Wild symbol of them all: the Golden Harp. This symbol covers the whole reel where it appears, so if you have two or more of this wild on your screen at the same time, you can count on winning big prizes since they together create a wide variety of winning combinations.

These reel covering Wild symbols are only available in the bonus mode in “heaven”

The difficult part, of course, is to get your 10 free spins to last until you’ve had the chance to collect all 9 keys. Especially since the key isn’t as common as the other symbols, and only appears on the fifth reel.

Thanks to the Wild symbols giving you loads of extra chances, it’s far from impossible to . This is another thing we will show you in our video, where we played for demo credits.

It’s loads of extra fun to get the Expanding Golden Harp since EVERYTHING you spin turns into sweet prizes! As we said it’s difficult and a bit of a challenge, but it is possible so don’t give up hope. It’s well worth it once you get to see prize after prize roll in.

As of yet we haven’t been able to get both the Golden Harp and enough treasure chests to receive another 10 free spins, but it’s not impossible.

Betting options

It’s possible to play Jack and the Beanstalk  for a little as £0.2 £ a spin, up to £100 per spin. A wide range of betting options is important in order for a slot machine to be able to satisfy every type of player - from beginners who might just want to try a slot machine for the first time, to the high rollers who want to be able to bet much much more.

We give Jack and the Beanstalk an 8 out of 10 in this category. Although it does satisfy the needs and wishes of most players, but we reserve the top ratings for games that allow for much higher and lower betting options (Dazzle Me is one such example).

Big win potential

Jack and the Beanstalk doesn’t give big payouts in the regular gameplay. With a little luck you’ll break even, but rarely much more than that.

What really pays off, however, is when you manage to get to the bonus mode.

With 9 keys there, and a little luck with The Walking Wild, the amount of money you could win is insane. The maximum jackpot is 600,000 coins, and that's worth quite a lot if you're playing at the maximum coin value of £0.5.

If you still haven’t read the section Unique Game Events, you really should, since the bonus mode is explained in-depth there. And when it comes to no deposit Jack and the Beanstalk slots, everything of real interest happens in tje bnus mode.

There is the theoretical possibility to keep on winning in “eternity” even during the regular gameplay, since The Walking Wild grants you free spins and can keep reappearing. 
We’ve had three, at the most, but that’s not easy to get.

In this category we give Jack and the Beanstalk 9/10. It’s not a new Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune, but unlike games such as Gonzo’s Quest you actually can win big.

Our rating of Jack and the Beanstalk

Total score90%
User friendliness9/10
Graphics and sound9/10
Theme and concept9/10
Unique game events10/10
Betting options8/10
Big win potential9/10

General information

Min bet£0.2
Max bet£100
Adjustable game speedNo

What's hot?

  • Wonderful atmosphere
  • Fantastic bonus mode
  • Original with The Walking Wild symbol

What's not?

  • Takes too long between the exciting bonus rounds

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