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In traditional English folklore, Robin Hood was a highly skilled swordsman and a legendary archer.

He was traditionally depicted as dressed in Lingoln green, and considered a chamption of the people that robbed from the rich and gave to the poor together with his band of Merry men.

Although the historicity of Robin Hood is questioned by historians, the power of the myth is real and Robin Hood forms a mighty symbol in many discourses about social and economic justice. It's therefore no mystery that so many Robin Hood movies, TV-series and even online slot machines have been produced.

Where to play Robin Hood slots

GameCasinoBonus / wager req.Play Now
Robin Hood: Shifting Riches
£100 / x35Play Now
Robin Hood: Shifting Riches
£1,600 / x35Play Now
Lady Robin Hood
£80 / x50Play Now
Robin Hood: Shifting Riches
£200 / x35Play Now
With numerous Robin Hood slots out on the market, we thought it was best to focus on just a couple of the best ones, instead of reviewing all the slots.

NetEnt is one of the world's leading slot machine developers, and whenever they release a new game, you just know it's going to look and sound crisp. Robin Hood: Shifting Riches is definitely no exception to this rule.

Considering the extreme popularity of Jack and the Beanstalk, no one can blame NetEnt for creating another slot based on a children's story. At a first glance, this looks like your regular video slot with five reels and three rows. But appearance can be deceiving, and as soon as you get into the gameplay you'll realize it's a quite unique kind of game. There are cool features here that you haven't seen anywhere else, and once more NetEnt have proved that they are the leaders when it comes to innovation of slot machines.

Lady Robin Hood is a slot trying to re-define the most famous outlaw in the entire English history, or a very flagrant example of game developers trying to put boobs on a popular character. We are going to give Bally Technologies the benefit of a doubt and assume it's the first one.

This game is really good looking and we had a great time trying it out.

Robin Hood: Shifting Riches Slots

Leave it to NetEnt if you have slots you want prodyced with concepts that no one have even thought about yet. They sure will surprise and impress you, although the ingenuity of the Swedish software developer company shouldn't suprise anyone these days. Not with their track record and countless awardwinning games.

This time, we are talking about a 5 reels game with 20 paylines where you can bet up to 10 coins per payline. Your job is to guide Robin Hood and his Merry Men while they steal from the rich to give to ... you!

Amazing bonus features

No Deposit Robin Hood slots is unique in its bonus features. It is one of the most enjoyable parts of the entire game, in our humble opinion.

The first bonus feature is active on every single spin. Whenever you have formed a winning payline, the reels will shift ("Robin Hood: Shifting Reels", remember?) along one position to the right. This will knock reel #5 of the board and put a new reel in position 1. The new reel will be spun and if you manage to land a new winning combination, the process will start over again. You will also get your winnings multiplied by a number that's shown at the top left side of the reels.

Bonus feature No. 2 will be triggered whenever you land a "Bag of Gold" symbol on the reels. Each reel have an open chest at the bottom. Whenever a "Bag of Gold" symbol appear on a reel, Robin Hood will store the bag of gold in the chest. When you've accumulated 4 bags of gold in one chest, Robin Hood will appear again and activate the free spin feature by taking the chest with him.

One of the character symbols will be randomly chosen to turn into a second wild symbol during the entire free spins mode. You get to start with 10 free spins, and if you land more Free Spins symbols during the bonus mode, you will get more spins to play - obviously.

Looks and design

The very first thing we noticed when playing "Robin Hood: Shifting Riches" was the unique backdrop of Sherwood Forest in autumn. NetEnt most certainly have many slots where characters are the main theme, but this is an extremely innovative creation. Being a truly clever slot machine also means that it will take some time for new players to learn of all the features.

There are seldom any need to mention that a NetEnt slot is beautiful and with stunning visual appearance. So we won't mention it ... Nor go on about the fact that it looks more lika new videogame or Pixar creation than another slot machine. It's good, alright, let's just settle with that.

And the music ... perfectly fitting medieval tunes frame this game and adds to the historical feeling.

Payout and RTP

You can bet as little as £0.01 and as much as £100 per spin, which is an amazing range. NetEnt sure did nail the betting options, since this game will appeal to everyone from the occasional slot player to the casino veterans with big bankrolls.

The RTP is quite high, no deposit Robin Hood slots will return 96.8% of everything that's gambled on this slot to the poor. One of the features that really raises the Return To Player ratio is the shifting reels feature. After each win, you will get a new chance to win even more. And each time you win during the bonus round, you will get a higher multiplier. A 5x multiplier is the maximum you can get, which means that a winning streak on this slot can be highly lucrative.

The jackpot is only 1,000 though, so we are not talking about the winning potential of the Dead or Alive slots here.

Mobile gambling

Like most of the new NetEnt slots, you will be able to play the Robin Hood: Shifting Riches on your smartphone or tablet. It doesn't matter if you have the newest Android mobile or a really old iPhone: as long as you have a browser, you can play this slot. There is no need to download space consuming apps.


If we were to summarize our findings about no deposit Robin Hood: Shifting Riches, we'd say something like "it's as innovative as caramel popcorn frappucino and as exciting as an all-nighter out on Ibiza in August."

We absolutely love the shifting reels feature and the fact that it can mean so much extra cash in our pockets. Chances are that you will love it as well, itafter all, it's hard not to love whoever puts money in your pocket - right?

But before you start playing this game, we recommend you try it out for free since it takes a bit of playing time to learn all the features. You can try it out for free on Redbet, LeoVegas or MariaCasino.

Best of luck!

Lady Robin Hood Slots

Now we're talking about a female Robin Hood, as the title implies. This is not a slot that will blast you away with crisp graphics and amazing sound effects, quite the contrary. But there's a lot of entertainment to be had and Vegas style fun moments are guaranteed.

One great thing about this slot is that during the base game, you will get plenty of wild symbols, and you'll also see random arrows thrown at the screen which - when timed right - can be very profitable.

But in the end, we are all waiting for the fair Lady Robin Hood to steal from the rich and give to you. You will win often, just to keep your bankroll pretty stable. Even without a big budget you will be able to play for a remarkable time, often many, many hours.

What really pays off though, is the free spin feature. And it's where all the action goes down in this slot.

Bonus features

The free spins round is THE great bonus feature in Lady Robin Hood. You can win up tp 200x your bet during the 10 free spins. It has happened to us several times, so just keep the faith and keep spinning. More often than not, however, you will end up with a 50x win or so. That's not too bad either.

You start the free spins with 10 rounds to go. By collecting arrowheads you have the chance of turning the entire reel 2, 3, 4 and 5 into fully covered wilds. The top paying symbol, Lady Robin Hood herself, comes stacked as well which means you can get to the top jackpot relatively effortless.

Design, sound & graphics

Like we said in the beginning: you don't play Lady Robin Hood for the flawless graphics, you play it because it's a really entertaining slot that let's you win every so often.

The bonus features are great fun, and the random arrows always keep you on your toes.

The sound presents a much more impressive experience, and we really like the way they have managed to blend the sound effects with the visual elements. Check it out for yourself by heading over to BGO Casino and gamble for free with a no deposit bonus.


Even though we were initially skeptic to a female Robin Hood, we must say that the game in itself is a great piece of entertainment. No, it's not a mega jackpot slot that will make you financially independent over night, certainly not. But you might win enough to celebrate it with your mates down at the pub. Or take the family on a weekend trip down to the continent.

Winnings are never guaranteed when it comes to casino and gambling, but one thing is for sure: Lady Robin Hood will keep you coming back for more, it's that much of an addictive medieval-themed slot.

Take our word for it.

No, don't - check it out yourself!

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