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No-one can have missed that there is an HBO TV-show called Game of Thrones, right? But did you know that the show was actually based on a slot machine?

No, that's not true - it was the other way around, of course. First came George R.R. Martin's books, then the grand HBO production that have mesmerized the world for years, and after that Microgaming bought the rights to produce a branded Game of Thrones slot!

Where to play Game of Thrones

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Are you one of those who sits through the whole Game of Thrones intro without missing a beat? Then this game is made just for you - and anyone else who loves Game of Thrones, of course! The Game of Thrones slot from Microgaming brings you the intrigue and drama where you want, when you want it.

Remember, when you play the no deposit Game of Thrones slot you win, or you die… Just kidding, all good fun of course!

Gameplay basics

Game of Thrones comes with 5 reels and either 15 paylines or 243 Ways. This Microgaming video slot will let you choose if you want to play a 15 payline version of the game, or a 243 ways version. The betting options will vary slightly depending on what you choose.

243 Ways: This version accepts a minimum bet of £0.30 but no more than £6, with the chance of winning 121,000 coins. This version has the higher win amount.

15 paylines: The minimum amount to bet in this version is £0.15 up to £15, with the chance of winning 75,000 coins. As you can see, the betting range in this version is more generous than the 243 Ways version.
As in most slot games out on the market, it's the Free Spins Feature that really gets the player's heart to beat faster. No deposit Game of Thrones slots is no exception to that rule.

When you trigger the free spins event you get to choose which of the 4 great Houses of Westeros that you will serve. Each house have different multipliers, a unique number of free spins and a unique number of so called stacked symbols.

Bonus features

The already iconic image of Eddard (better known as Ned) Stark sitting on the Iron Throne (who can blame him for wanting to try it out, huh?) is the Scatter symbol in this game. Two of these Ned Stark Scatter symbols will activate what is called the dragon egg bonus round. The Scatter symbol then turns into an egg, revealing a juicy Cash Prize for you!

Three of the same Scatter symbols activates the freespin mode, which lets you choose between 4 different types of free spins. The Game of Thrones Free spins are named after the 4 big houses of Westeros, and will give you the following:

The Baratheon House comes with 8 free spins, a fixed multiplier of 5x and 3 stack House Baratheon Sigil symbols.

House Lannister brings 10 free spins with a 4x multiplier and the House Lannister Sigil symbol is also 4 symbol stacked.

House Stark gives you 14 free spins, a 3x multiplier and House Stark Sigil symboles are stacked 5 up.

Last, but not least, you have the House Targaryen with their 18 free spins, a 2x multiplier and the House Targaryen Sigil symbol is stacked 6 up!

You have the most chances of winning with House Targaryen, while the now wiped out House Baratheon maximises any winnings the most (see number of free spins compared to the multipliers). Which type of freespin you choose depends on what kind of player you are - or to which house you’ve pledged your allegiance!

Gamble Feature

Double or nothing your winnings by choosing either heads or tails, and if you’re lucky you get to move further ahead on the Trail Map - very Westerosi indeed ...

GoT Quiz

What do you really know about Game of Thrones? Is Cersei Lannister the murderer of the Mad King? Was Arya Stark eaten by a dragon while fighting the Dothrakis?

Playing tips

Steer clear of the gamble feature, since it's essentially a minigame with an RTP of only 50 %. You stand a much higher chance of winning by just spinning the reels instead.

Expert Tips - Use Bonuses

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Wild symbol

The Wild symbol is fittingly the symbol of Game of Thrones, which aside from Scatter replaces all symbols. This symbol is also stacked on all reels.


The symbols other than letters are generally the symbols of the 4 big main houses of Westeros. There are also the Scatter symbol (Ned Stark on the Iron Throne) and the Wild symbol (Game of Thrones logo).

There are quite a few nice design elements across the game. Like how the Scatter symbol in Ned Stark’s image turn s into a rotating dragon egg for the dragon egg bonus round. When activating the free spin mode, a video showing dragons and some wonderful GoT scenery is displayed before the banners of the 4 main houses are dropped for you to choose your free spin. When chosen, the house name shows up on the screen with the words of said house underneath their name - Ours is the fury (Baratheon), Winter is coming (Stark), Fire and blood (Targaryen) and Hear me Roar! (Lannister).

When choosing to gamble, the Trail Map appears showing the 3 Eyed Raven, White Walker, Direwolf and finally Dragon, in that order. Winning one of these will activate a short video of that character, and of course give you a prize. This is a really nice feature as it is very in tune with the HBO show. Then you have to choose heads or tails, tails having the ominous words Valar Morgulis (all men must die) engraved. This immediately takes us back to Arya and the ancient coin that was given to her by the Faceless Man in an earlier season - another fine design element with a nice nod to GoT fans.

Our verdict

When it comes to the sound and design, we do feel like they could have put a bit more of an effort into this slot. Although there are some very nice design elements, they are mostly nods to GoT fans, as in the dragon eggs and the theme song going on loop. But they are few and far between, and the music will probably get to the most hardened fan of the show.The design elements that pop out are great, but it feels like there could have been more. 

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