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What is Avalon?

Insula Avallonis literally means "the isle of fruit trees". This legendary island first appeared in the highly pesudo-historical account Historia Regum Britanniae by Geoffrey of Monmouth back in 1136. Avalon is described as the place where King Arthur's sword Excalibur was forged, and also as the plase where Arthur was taken to heal after having been wounded during the the Battle of Camlann. 

Where to find no deposit Avalon slots

CasinoBonus / wagering req.Play now
20 free spins / 60xPlay Now
£10 Free / 50xPlay Now
In the world of online gambling, Avalon is a Microgaming masterpiece, an online slot comprised of 5 reels and 20 pay lines. It's also a game that allows you to experience the King Arthur saga in a whole new way.

For the patient gambler, no deposit Avalon will mean lots and lots of rewards, since you can win really big money by playing this slot. There are free spins with a 7x multiplier, as well as the Avalon Bonus Game.

What you want to do is to land the magical Lady of the Lake on the reels, and then the fortune can be yours!

Play without risking your money

If you want to take the Avalon spins for a go, why not do so at Luxury Casino and get 20 free spins on this beloved slot.

The best part about no deposit bonuses are the "no deposit" part, of course. If you are interested in Avalon slots, you can try them for free and see how they work in a sharp mode, instead of just playing demo games.

The worsk part about no deposit bonuses are spelled: wagering requirements. These can be quite low sometimes for deposit match bonuses, but we have yet to see a lower wagering requirement than the 30x at Luxury Casino. It's in line with match deposit bonuses, but most of the no deposit bonuses have requirements of 40x or even 50x. Use a regular deposit bonus and you might even come down to 20x. It's definitely a BIG difference.

Win potential

This game is a crowdpleaser thanks to a lot of features, captivating atmosphere, and not to mention the potential to win £105,000 in the free spins mode! As a low volatile game, no deposit Avalon slot will reward you often. Like really often. And it's always more fun to play when you win, wouldn't you agree?

You can also gamble for each win. During your first gamble you have 50% chance to win double the initial sum, or to lose everything. During your second gamble you have 50% to win four times the initial sum, or to lose everything.

This can be repeated ever so often, after each win, actually. So there is always an extra chance to increase your winnings, if you are willing to accept the risk.

Expert Tips

We meticulously scrutinize all the latest online casino bonuses in order to present only the very best alternatives for you, dear reader. Click the button below if you want to check out our top casino: Ladbrokes.

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About the original Avalon slots

This slot was released 2006, so don't except top of the line modern graphics. That said, it's still a great game and better than most new titles. The existence of double wild symbols contributes to our opinion, of course.

During basic game mode, the crest of Avalon is the wild symbol. But during free spins mode there is a second wild symbol. Two wild symbols makes the free spins feature very lucrative at most times.

The amazing RTP of 96.1% is another reason to give this slot a go. It's higher than the majority of online slots on the market, and it is better than ALL land-based slots. Apart from double wilds you can also get a x7 multiplier during free spins. Now that is the recipe for great pay-outs!

The sound effects are the best possible retro fit anyone used to land-based machines can dream of. Modern casino sounds mixed with a calming, medieval music may sound weird - but it is certainly soothing and relaxation inducing.

Avalon II slots

This is a 243-payline online slot that was produced as a sequel to the Avalon slot. The developers were microgaming. This game will bring you yet another adventure of King Arthur and his knights of the round table.

But his time, the graphics are backed by 3D animation, and the gameplay boosted with superb bonus features.

In comparison to its predecessor Avalon, the Avalon II slot is much richer in bonus features.

You will find two randomly triggered features: Expanding Wilds and Merlin. The Expanding Wild feature will randomly appear on the middle reel, and Merlin can suddenly pop by to give you cash prizes or win multipliers. 

What's really interesting for most players are however the Grail Bonus feature, since this one has no less than 8 bonus games within - all of which can be very rewarding.

The bonus games

Anytime you hit 3 or more of the Grail symbols anywhere on the reels, you will embark on a quest through the Kingdom to retrieve the Holy Grail and return the relic to the island Avalon.

There are 8 different bonus moods:

Lake of Legend Bonus feature

This is a simple dice roll bonus game where your job is to reforging the fragments of Excalibur. Throwing the dice, you will get a number that is associated with a sword fragment of a certain shape. If there is a match, the fragment will move into the reforge desplay, and the number you get is equal to the multiplier paid out.

Misty Value Bonus feature

Here you get to choose one of the high value symbols to act like an extra wild for the entire duration of the 15 free spins. This extra wild has a x2 multiplier.

Whispering Woods Bonus feature

Pick 1 out of 5 options and cross your fingers, hoping to get the highest multiplier possible (a x160 multiplication of your bet).

Forest Falls Bonus feature 

This means 20 free spins, and an Avalon II wild. Anytime one of these are landen on row 1 or 2 of any reel, it will hold in place but also expand downwards; then it will be locked to the same position for the next spin as well.

The Dusky Moors Bonus feature 

In this minigame, 12 items will be displayed on the screen. Your task is to match 2 helms of the same type. Each helm comes with a multiplier ranging from 6x to 20x.

Morgan’s Keep Bonus feature

This is a traditional free spins mode, 20 spins and a 2x multiplier. But rolling reels apply, so every consecutive win will increase the multiplier from 2x to 3x to 4x to 5x to 6x. In theory, it means that you can get a 6x multiplier on 16 of your 20 free spins.

Hall of Shadows Bonus feature

Every move you make will be awarded with a juicy cash prize. Depending if you block or attack, the size of the cash prize may vary. Block or attack - if you choose right, you might just vanquish the Black Knight and retrieve the Holy Grail.

The Isle of Avalon Bonus feature 

This is where you spin and win the highest bonus multiplier. There are 4 wheels in total, but you can only use the 4th wheel if you first unlick it by getting a zero on the 3rd wheel. The numbers that are formed on each of the reels will form the multiplier award.

Symbols and graphics

Just by looking at the symbols on the Avalon II slot, you can read the story of King Arthur. The images include the following lower value symbols:

Arthur: 6th century king of England, heroic and chivalrous
Merlin: A shape-shifting wizard that is also King Arthur’s spiritual guide
Guinevere: King Arthur’s wife, the queen of England
Morgan: King Arthur’s half-sister and a mighty sorceress.
The Black Knight: King Arthur's arch enemy
The Lady of the Lake: She is the ruler of the island  Avalon, and she gave Arthur the Excalibur

The lower valued symbols are - to no-ones complete surprise - playing cards: 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, to be more specific. All of which can be seen in the image below.

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