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The number of slot machines based on popular TV-shows have grown almost exponentially lately. Everything from Baywatch to Bridesmaids, Britain's Got Talent, The X Factor and Who Want To Be A Millionaire have been converted into online slots.

Where to play TV themed slots

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£10 No Deposit / 50xbPlay Now
£1,600 Bonus / 35xbPlay Now
£1,000 Bonus / 25xdbPlay Now
£150 Bonus / 30xdbPlay Now
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£10 ND / 50xbPlay Now
Given the increasing popularity of TV-themed slots, we think it's about time to take a deeper look into these games. We have chose a few of the more prominent titles to review, but needless to say there are many more games to explore. Just check out the gaming selection at our favourite casinos and you will be blown away by the range of choices.

Latest No Deposit Free Spins on TV Themed Slots

No deposit bonuses are one of the coolest things you can get as a gambler. It's basically like getting a lottery ticket for free. You pay nothing and you get the chance to win real money.

We like to use no deposit bonuses primarily to try out a new game or a new casino. It's a neat way of seeing how the slot or the casino performs under real-life conditions, as opposed to free gameplay mode.

It's not always possible to find a no deposit offer for exactly the game you want to try out. But in almost all cases you can find a deposit bonus that will give you 100% or 200% more money to play for. It's a better offer, in some aspects, since the deposit bonuses seldom come with the kind of winning limitations that no deposit bonuses have.
Five of the most interesting TV-themed slots can be seen below: Family Guy, Game of Thrones, Sopranos, South Park and CSI.

Finding Free Spins on TV Themed Slots

It's not that hard to find free spins on TV-themed slots, although the most common free spins offers are for NetEnt slots like Starburst, Gonzo's Quest, and Jack and the Beanstalk. We have gathered a round of different casino offers that also include match deposity offers - technichally not free spins, but you do get to play for free so it's pretty much the same.

In the table below you will find casinos that are handing out free bonuses so new players like yourself can test the best of the best TV-themed slots. And it's very easy to get going:

1. Choose your favourite offer
2. Register via our links and create a new account at the casino
3. Play with your bonus money or free spins

Free Spins on TV Themed Slots

Slot NameLearn More
Game of Thrones Slots
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Family Guy Slots
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The Sopranos Slots
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American Dad Slots
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Baywatch Slots
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Star Trek Slots
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Sopranos Slots

Feel like joining Tony Soprano and the rest of the family? Then this is your shot. The superb slot machine is based on the equally superb HBO TV series and features rich media graphics on all 5 reels.

The amazing sound clips really bring all the characters to life in the game and Playtech has made another perfect conversion of a blockbuster into a slot machine. This awesome game can be played forever, which is more than we can say about the watching of the series (c'mon, whom among us didn't boycott TV for a year after the last episode of Sopranos was aired?)

Here you get to meet Chris, Vito, Johnny Sac, Artie and all the other guys from the game. Many of them are big paying symbols appearing on the reels in the base game. Line up a winning combination and you'll see how they come to life with a video clip and a famous sound bite. When it comes to stand out visuals, we are having a very hard time trying to think of a game that's superior to The Sopranos. In all likelihood, there isn't one out on the market yet that can beat this slot.

Sound effects and music is often something that we get disappointed at when we review games on - therefore it's extra pleasing to tell you that the reels will be spinning to a soundtrack that could be coming straight out from a New Jersey bar. Add in some top notch effects when you land the bonus modes and you've got the recipe for a top mark in this category.

The layout is a standard 5 reels, three rows and 25 pay lines. The base game have 4 different special symbols, out of which 3 can grant access to the truly profitable bonus modes. The wild symbol is, obviously, no one else but Tony Soprano himself!

Get rich New Jersey mafia style - or die trying!

There are three different bonus features in this game. The first one is the randomly awarded raid bonus. You can trigger it at any time during the normal gameplay, and it means that the cops will raid Tony's home. You'll get the chance to stash his cash. Basically you get 4 packets of money and you can place them in 4 different locations (all 4 in 1, or 1 in each location, etc - there are many alternatives). The cops will then choose a number of the locations to search and will confiscate all money they find. Whatever cash they miss out on is yours. Quite neat, right?

Bonus feature number two is called the stolen goods bonus, and it is triggered when you land a cargo container symbol on reel 1 and reel 5. You will be taken to a map of your neighborhood and choose between 10 locations that you want to search for stolen goods. You get 3 picks, but after each pick you get the choice of keeping the finding or throw it away and look again (hopefully to find a bigger prize). At the third pick you are obliged to take whatever the third prize amount is worth.

If you land 3 Bada Bing symbols anywhere on reel 2, 3 or 4 you will be heading over to Tony Soprano's office. First you'll choose one of the main characters from the show to act as your emissary, and then they'll go into Tony's chamber for a chat and return to you with a cash prize. Normally the bonus feature will end like that, but sometimes you get to send in another character to meet with the don. This will of course increase your winnings substantially.

The last bonus feature in Sopranos is the free spin round. When you land 3 black logo scatters this trigger the free spin round. The more times you get to this bonus mode, the more different types of free spins rounds you will experience. In the beginning, only the soldier bonus will be available (25 free spins with an extra wild). But when you reach your third free spins round you get access to the capo bonus. It means 26 spins with an extra chance of a special pay-out multiplier. When you have reached the free spins mode for 6 times you get to play the boss game. Here you'll get 10 fre spins, random wilds and a chance to add no less than five free games with a middle reel symbol.

You also have the family bonus, where only the big paying character symbols will be used. Here you get 10 free spins with a wild multiplier. Once you have activated all this bonuses they will be saved for you when you log on again.

Truth be told, we only have one point where we would like to critize the Sopranos slot, and it is that the reels are a tad cluttered with all those scatter symbol. Granted, if it wasn't for all of them you wouldn't have the varietey of bonus features that makes this stand out as an amazing game on the slot heaven.

It's actually surprisingly fun to stach away cash from the police, not to mention the thrill you get when sending in someone to Tony's office in the Bad-Bing bonus. The first time we played it we were certain that someone would get whacked.

One of the truly awesome things about this slot is that you have a whole host of different free spin rounds, they come into play after a set number of activations. It's a way of climbing to better and better bonus modes and your achievements are saved from one game session to another. That is a recipe for making you come back and unlock even more lucrative bonus feature.

It is definitely worth getting all the way to the advanced free spins since that's where the big bucks can be found! The only game that even comes close to challenging Soprano in the crime genre is American Gangster, another slot you just have to try out.

South Park Slots

This is a high profile slot from Swedish top developers NetEnt, based on what must be the world's least politically correct animated sitcom.

The bonus features all include the 4 young boys, and the Cartman Bonus is worth mentioning in particular. Here you can win up to 5,000 times your bet! All of the other three mini-features are based on wilds and also highly entertaining.

NetEnt are the developers behind South Park, and it's a rather ordinary layout with 5 reels and 25 paylines. Just as the animated sitcom, this game revolves around dark humour, truly offensive language and the 4 boys on their adventures in the little town of South Park.

The betting range is very generous and players can spin for as much as £125 or play for as little as 25p a spin. We have already touched upon the bonus features, but they merit a detailed explanation.

THere are 4 character specific bonuses, one for each boy: Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman. You will get access to these character features by landing 2 regular bonus symbols and 1 character bonus symbol. It is the character symbol (the boy in question) that determines which bonus feature will follow.

The Stan Bonus Feature is veeery "South Parky" indeed, and you will experience Stan puking on his love Wendy out of sheer nervousness. When he does so, you get sticky wilds (no pun intended). The maximum win is very poor though, £3,750 or a mere 30 times your stake.

The Kyle Bonus Free Spins Feature will give you 10 spins to begin with. Keep an eye open for Ike the baby on reel 5: just as in the TV-show, Kyle will kick his baby brother. In this case he will bounce onto 1 of 5 prizes below the reels, these being: a 2x multiplier, a 10x multiplier, 50 coin cash prize, or +3 free spins. Theoretically, you can get 3 extra free spins every time you spin the reel, meaning you can win unlimited amounts of cash. But that's in theory. You can win up to £37,500 in this feature, or 300 times your bet (provided you don't keep getting new free spins in all infinity, that is).

In the Kenny Bonus Feature you will start with 3 lives and your mission is to guide Kenny through the "Win Zone", the "Multuplier Zone" and the "Danger Zone". The Win Zone is full of cash prizes. The Danger Zone have 1 trap and the rest cash prizes, while the Multiplier Zone only contains multiplier values. The feature will end when you reach the last zone or Kenny dies (which he is kind of an expert at doing, something all SP fans are very clear about). Manage to get through all zones and you will win 2,500 coins, which is a maximum of £1,250 at the highest coin setting. The total win potential is 556 times the bet, which equals £69,500.

Last, but not least. we have the Cartman Bonus feature where South Park's least empathetic boy goes hunting for hippies in the bushes. You get to choose between 8 bushes to reveal a 2x multiplier, cash prizes, a Warning Symbol, a Bonus Game Reset Symbol, and a Game Over Symbol. Avoid disturbing the law officer more than once, since this will end the bonus mode. The Cartman Bonus game is by far the most lucrative, since you can win up to 5,000 times your stake (that is £625,000 at maximum bet).

You will also come across randomly triggered mini-features, like the Terrance and Philip bonus game. Three wilds will be randomly placed on reels 2, 3 and 5. And with the Mr Hankey The X-mas Poop you will see 3 to 5 wilds distributed on reels 1, 3 and 5.

The Cartman feature is our absolute favourite since it's both the most entertaining and the most financially rewarding.

The Terrance and Philip mini-game feature

There's no question about it: the South Park slot is entertaining all the way. Even more so if you are a fan of the sitcom, then you just HAVE to try it out. Most wins are pretty small, and it's hard getting to the Kenny or Cartman bonus feature. If you absolutely love South Park, and don't mind waiting patiently while you're bagging smaller wins every once in a while, then this might just be the game for you. If not, chances are that you might be tired and want to check out something else instead.

The CSI online slot would be a great alternative!

CSI online slot

The CSI online slot is obviously based on the popular crime drama series with the same name: CSI, which stands for Crime Scene Investigation. The slot has been developed by IGT, which most slot players will recognize as a top software producer. IGT is also the company behind  other TV-based slots like Family Guy and Judge Judy.

It is a 5 reels and 30 paylines slot with a ton of interesting features. Read on to learn if CSI online slot is worth a spin or not.

The CSI online slot is an amazing adaptation of the television series CSI, and as a player you can choose which version you want to play: CSI, CSI:Miami, and CSI: New York. Depending on which game you choose, you will see different symbols.The main series version will introduce you to character symbols such as William Peterson and Marg Helgenberger, to just name a few examples.

Will you solve murders by conducting thorough crime scene investigations?

You will spot many regular CSI images like handcuffs, police badges, cameras, fingerprint powders, photographs, and the CSI logo itself. The CSI online slot has three entertaining bonuses that you can enjoy during gameplay.

The first one is: Trace Evidence. This bonus is triggered when the trace evidense symbol appears on the reels. During the bonus feature, the entire screen goes dark and a flashlight is used to show the hodden wilds, symbols that have great pay-outs.

The second feature is: Crime Scene Pick Bonus. When you land 3 crime scene photographs on the reels, this bonus mode will be triggered.

The third feature is: Crime Lab Free Games. Whenever a polayer finds three pieces of evidence during a crime scene pock bonus mode, you get to go on to the crime lab free games where you can win even more credits. This is the one bonus that will really give you the chance of winning big bucks.
The CSI online slot is perfect for anyone that likes big wins and adventures. The game also allows you to choose your favourite CSI version to lay, which is a really cool feature.

We recommend this slot to anyone that loves an exciting games with good winning potential, but particularly to all fans of the CSI TV-series.

Game of Thrones slot

No one that haven't lived under a stone during the last years can have missed that there is a TV-show called Game of Thrones. And now Microgaming have made a slot game based on the HBO series. It comes with either 243 or 15 paylines. The free spins feature lets you choose from the 4 Great Houses of Westeros, each with their own characteristics. This slot is an absolute must for both fans and players that haven't even watched the show.

It's a very low cost slot where you can play for as little as 15p per spin to £3. For the 243 ways version the limits are double that, 30p and £6. This is quite limiting for high rollers, so we can't recommend the slot for those used to bet big and win bigger.

We really love the Game of Thrones slot, it's aesthetically brilliant and with breathtaking animations. The attention that has been paid to detail is equally impressive.

The game can be classified as a medium variance where big wins are hard to land, but decent ones come pretty often. Overall it's a nice balance to it - you don't get bored by losing spin after spin, but you always have the possibility of winning more than the small prizes some slot offers. 

Family Guy Online Slots

IGT are the magic makers behind the Family Guy online slot, yet another game based on an everything but politically correct TV-series. This slot can be played both on desktop and mobile devices, and all the characters from the sitcom are present. They offer a total of 7 different bonus featurs. As if that weren't enough, there's also 4 randomly triggered bonuses which include Peter, Lois or Brian, and Stewie.

Giggity, Giggity!

The 5 reels and 30 paylines slot can be played for as little as 50p a spin up to £150. That's not extremely much, we agree. For those that want to bet bigger, we can recommend Dazzle Me (maxbet £200) and Da Vinci Diamonds (max bet £600).

One of the things that really stands out with this game is the graphics. They are superb and represents the TV-series in a flawless manner.

Expert Tips

Use casino bonuses! Whenever you register at a new casino, always make sure that you use the bonuses available. They are the best chance you have of reducing the house edge, i.e. increasing your chance of winning. We recommend the Ladbrokes Casino Bonus!

Review of Ladbrokes Casino Bonus
One thing you should keep your eyes open for is the World Bonus Symbol. It can appear in any position on the 3 middle reels and it will trigger the Family Guy World Bonus Feature. When that happens, you get to click on the globe to spin woth one of the following bonus modes:

The Drunken Clam Bonus: here you will just choose a character and get the chance to win between 25x and 1,000x your bet. You can also get multipliers of 2x, 3x and 5x whenever an unselected character collapses.

The Infamous Chicken Fight: select either Peter Griffin or the Giant Chicken as your combattant for this bonus feature. Three rounds of fighting will take place and you'll get up to 7 picks during each round. Depending on how manyu picks you get, you will select a number of prize sacks. And each sack can will give you between 5x and 1,000x the bet.

Last, but not least, you have the Lois’ Hot Free Spins Bonus feature. Here you'll get 10 free spins and look out for the wilds, as well as the Giggity Retriggity symbol on the middle reel (the latter will give you an additional 5 free spins).

The Family Guy slot is a very entertaining game and an almost perfect adaptataion of a beloved TV-show. Being a medium variance slot, you both get the chance of big wins and the encouragement of many smaller payouts.

Together with the other games we have covered in this review, Family Guy is one of the best TV-themed online slots ever produced.

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