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Mythology is a popular theme for online slot games - and it’s easy to see why. Majestic heroes, mighty gods and treasures of legend are prime material for a casino game. No surprise then that Microgaming dipped into the pool of Norse mythology with one of their most popular games, Thunderstruck 2.

If you came here looking for Thunderstruck 2 no deposit free spins, then you have come to the right place; scroll down to see our latest no deposit offers and scroll even further to find out how you can get even more free play.

We’ll also check out the best casinos to play at, give you detailed breakdowns of the slot symbols and talk about arguably the best bonus round in the history of all slot games.

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Where To Play Thunderstruck 2

Microgaming slots are featured on a number of popular casinos, including casinos that are wholly powered by Microgaming. Having choice is good, but how do you select a casino among literally hundreds? 

We’re no Thor, but we did go through some mighty efforts to hunt down these no deposit casinos to play Asgards favourite slot game. Thunderstruck 2 free spins are a rarity - but with generic free spins you can do what you like with the winnings. You could also get free play as part of a deposit package

To claim these deals, you will need to create an account with the respective casino. That’s it! Then all you have to do is use your bonus to play. Here’s our pick of the best. Not liking the look of these? Then you could try some of our other no deposit slots.
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Game History

Microgaming developed the first Thunderstruck video slot game to feature in casinos and gambling establishments. The colourful graphics, excellent bonus rounds and regular payouts ensured its entry into the slot game hall of heroes, with many players loving this unique title. 

By today’s standards, the first version of the slot is starting to show its age - but in 2010, the slot was revitalised with a brand new sequel. Featuring all new bonus rounds, graphics and music - the slot quickly became a thunderous hit on all Microgaming enabled casino sites. 

Judging by the success of both titles - perhaps Thunderstruck 3 will be with us sometime in the near future. When it happens, we’re sure players will be clamouring around their smartphones to experience the world of Norse mythology once again.

Game Theme

This is the ultimate slot homage to Norse mythology, featuring some of the most popular characters like Odin, Thor, Loki and the Valkyrie. The symbols also fit in with the theme with viking longboats, a colourful view of Asgard and Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir also featuring.

The reels and symbols are set on what appears to be an emerald coloured stone - and it’s cracked and worn… this is a marked improvement graphically from the original game in a big way.

Graphics and Sounds

Describing the music of a slot as epic is a pretty bold statement. But it’s perfectly acceptable here as the music is a soaring crescendo of orchestral melodies. It’s almost like a film soundtrack, such is the scope of its grandeur. The sound team for this slot did a sensational job, creating really punchy sound effects and melodies.

The satisfying clunk of Thor’s hammer as it appear on the reels, the sound of haughty men pulling the longboat and the crash of thunder during the wildstorm wild event - the sound for this slot is simply amazing.

Visually this slot is worlds apart from the first game - the graphics are clear and crisp, with the gods looking particularly impressive. Line one of the picture symbols on a payline and you will be treated to a short animation that once again engulfs you in Norse mythology.

Ease Of Play

This slot is not overly difficult - the main key to mastering this game is knowing what the various gods do in the Hall of Spin - each character adds a unique bonus feature to the game and it's best to know which features match your style of play. It may be an idea to enter the Thunderstruck 2 no deposit mode or fun mode as it is known - so you can practice a bit more before attempting to spend real cash.

One more challenging aspect of the slot is that you can only bet a minimum of 30p, which makes it a more expensive prospect than some slots which allow you to spin for much cheaper. The fact that the paylines are much more generous may convince you to still spin however...

Paylines and Symbol

Paylines: 243

With 243 paylines, there’s an outstanding number of ways to win on this slot. Plus, with a combination of wilds, scatters and special symbols - you could be walking off with all of Asgard's treasures. We recommend you keep an eye out for these symbols in particular:

Thunderstruck 2 Wild Symbol

Crashing thunder and an epic sound effect… no, we’re not talking about a scene from a Marvel Thor movie - we’re talking about spinning the Thunderstruck 2 wild. This symbol replaces any symbol on a matching payline, and with that potent 243 paylines, you could be looking at a hefty payout. 

Matching 5 of the wild symbols on any corresponding payline and you will be looking at a payout of 1,000 coins. The fallen heroes of Valhalla would be singing heroics with a slot win like that. 

Mjolnir Bonus Symbol

The chosen weapon of the mighty thunder god Thor is also the key to entering the great Hall of Spins. Match 3,4 or 5 reels with the hammer scatter symbol and the doors will fling open wide so you can enter the bonus round. It goes without saying that these rounds are where the true wins are born. Bonus rounds in slot games are the key to really raking in the profits and we will explain the key to succeeding in the next section.

Other Symbols

The symbols that you really want to see on the paylines are the picture symbols and more specifically, any of the gods. Thor is the star of the show and quite rightfully, has the biggest payout for matching 5 of his symbols on the reels. Land Mr Thunderbolts in one of the bonus rounds and you could be racking up electrifying prizes.

The next of the gods to pay out handsome rewards is the All Father, Odin. Match 5 of the king and you will earn yourself 450 coins. Lastly, we come to Loki - and as horrible and naughty as he is, his winnings are pretty decent with a 400 coin reward for matching 5 of him on a payline.

Bonus Rounds

The Thunderstruck 2 video slot has one of the most exciting bonus features we have seen in a slot game: The Great Hall of Spins - a Thunderstruck 2 free spins round that has reached legendary status. To access the bonus feature, you will need to spin 3 or more hammer symbols. Once you have matched the symbols, you are free to enter. You will then be presented a choice of 4 different god characters who each have different bonus features.

Valkyrie Bonus: 10 Free Spins / Winnings Multiplied x5

There’s no bells and whistles with the warrior like Valkyrie: all wins in the Great Hall of Spins will be multiplied by 5. More free spins will be triggered if you match Thor’s hammer again.

Loki Bonus: 15 Free Spins / Wild Magic Feature

Ah this mischievous god had to bring his magic to the bonus round. Loki will occasionally send one of his magic wilds on the 3rd reel to randomly turn other symbols into wilds. What a tricksy god - further spins can be added upon spinning Thor’s magic hammer.

Odin Bonus: 20 Free Spins / Wild Raven Feature

The all father sees everything with his raven partners - he can even spot a potential multiplier. The ravens will randomly seek out symbols and turn them into x2 or x3 multipliers. Should both ravens land on a symbol, you will be looking at a x6 multiplier for some extra heroic wins.

Thor Bonus: 25 Free Spins / Rolling Reels + Multiplier

The god of thunder couldn’t really be upstaged in his own game could he? Choosing Thor will activate rolling reels - hitting a win will instantly remove those symbols from the reels so new symbols can join, which has the prospect of unleashing some epic winning combos. In addition, every reel that rolls will add another notch to the multiplier up to a maximum of 5, electrifying your wins.

Wildstorm Feature

There you are, playing your favourite slot when all of a sudden BOOM. Thor comes crashing down, turns all your reels into wilds and you walk off with a tonne of cash. Don’t you just love it when that happens? Okay, well not every slot game has the Wildstorm feature but every game isn’t Thunderstruck 2. 

The  Wildstorm feature activates randomly, turning whole reels into wild symbols - best of all, if our favourite hammer wielding god is feeling generous, all 5 reels could turn into wilds - supercharged winnings? Yes please

Play On Mobile

It was inevitable that Thunderstruck 2 mobile would be released on to smartphones and tablet devices. The game can be played at all good mobile casinos and can even occasionally be accessed via a mobile app. Playing mobile allows players to easily adjust their bets and coin values due to intelligent touch friendly sliders and buttons.

Thunderstruck 2 Big Winners

Asgard is a mysterious place of magic and wonder - and obviously, a lucky Royal Panda Casino player by the name of LadyTough tapped into that magic with an electrifying win. From just a £3.00 bet the multipliers kept stacking for a giant £24,300 win that even Thor himself would be proud of. This story really illustrates how potentially profitable this slot can really be - with the generous bonus rounds and legendary multipliers.


RTP: 96.65%

Thunderstruck 2 has a higher than average return to player percentage at 96.65%. Yes, the bonus rounds are intense and the potential to win big is certainly there, but we have to expect that there will be some volatility. We say have a few practice spins first and see how the slot plays out before committing real cash funds.

Our Verdict: 10/10

With amazing bonus features, excellent sound and superb graphics - there’s no wonder why many players refer to this as the best Microgaming slot. The Hall of Spins is a fun, intense and exciting bonus round and choosing your favourite feature is a nice touch. The music and visuals just add to a slot experience only told in myths and legends. To play Thunderstruck 2 slots free, head to our recommended casinos list above and may Thors luck be with you!
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