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Hey, how did you end up here? Googling for Gonzo's Quest free spins no deposit 2017, right?

There's a reason so many people just love this game and chase free spins, and we'll explain everything about it. 

But first things first: we DO have no deposit free spins for Gonzo's Quest, if you're really impatient just scroll down to the table below.

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Finding Free Spins On Gonzo's Quest slots

Finding Gonzo's Quest on an online casino is about as difficult as finding sand on a beach. But to find Gonzo’s Quest free spins you need to look a bit harder. Or you can just lean back and be grateful that we have already done the research for you.

The table above shows you exactly which casinos that offer no deposit Gonzo’s Quest slots at the moment, how many spins you get and – of course – a direct link to the registration page with the offer activated.

So you just need to do three things:
  1. pick your favourite Gonzo’s Quest free spins
  2. register at the casino
  3. start playing
One of the best things about Gonzo and other NetEnt games is that casinos LOVE giving out freebies to try the games for free. And while these freebies may not be specifically on Gonzo, it's entirely possible to still play the slot for free. How so? By using the power of no deposit free spins on other slots; the winnings from these bonuses are usually not restricted to one game, so you can hunt for the El Dorado treasure as much as you please.

Some casinos also offer free spins on top of a cash match bonus; yes, you do have to make a deposit in this case, but you also get the chance to play Gonzo's Quest no deposit free spins and get a boost on your cash balance. Here's some of our latest no deposit bonuses on other NetEnt games:

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What's all the hype about?

Gonzo's Quest was launched in the spring of 2010 and is by no means a new slot, but it is still one of the most popular slots in Europe- 6 years after its release!

One of the many reasons to its seemingly never ending popularity is that it was one of the first slot games made available for both smart phones and tablets. And of course there were tons of Gonzo’s Quest no deposit slots in the beginning, almost every casino with NetEnt games offered them at some point due to the incredible popularity it enjoyed.

But what is the game actually about and how does it work? In this Gonzo's Quest review we will go through everything you need to know and probably a bit more.

Gonzo's Quest - a classic adventure game with revolutionizing concepts

Gonzo's Quest is one of the best creations made by the developer NetEnt, so anyone who has played it for a little while will understand the hype. It's often enough just to have a look at the spellbinding introduction video to get into the right frame of mind.

Forget that you're playing a no deposit slot. Now, you are a Spanish conquistador in the year 1541, and you are searching for the legendary city of gold - Eldorado - in the jungles of Latin America! We reveal the best no deposit Gonzo’s Quest slots, which will hopefully help you on your journey.

User friendliness

One of the first thing you'll notice as a new player, is that it isn't about 5 reels and 3 rows spinning around like in a classic video bandit. Instead this is more reminiscent of Tetris (for those of you who still remember) where blocks will fall down and explode when they hit a winning combination.

These free falling building blocks with symbols on them are quite an exciting and fresh idea in a world that today - 6 years after Gonzo's Quest was launched - still is dominated by spinning wheels. One exception is the Tumbling Wheels in Da Vinci's Diamonds, which are quite similar to the "avalanche"-feature in Gonzo's Quest.

The world's most anachronistic conquistador and his smartphone

It's not difficult to learn how to play on free spins Gonzo’s Quest slots. In short it's all about getting the winning combinations, from left to right only. As playing No deposit Gonzo’s Quest slots will show you, this is a really captivating game and you get the full experience with 100 % real winning potential, regardless of the fact that you actually don't have to pay for your spins.

Free and easy to understand – can it get any better?

The only thing that could confuse new players in the beginning is that it has as many as 20 paylines, which in no way is extreme, especially not in comparison to games like Game of Thrones that have up to 243 different ways of winning, or Raging Rhino with its 4096 paylines.

Gonzo’s Quest no deposit slots are absolute beginner games compared to that.

But free spins Gonzo’s Quest slots still aren't as user friendly as let's say the Starburst slot or Sizzling Hot. The classic avalanche element - when new blocks fall as a combination is locked in and those blocks have exploded - is both intuitive and a new approach.

It makes every spin a little extra interesting as soon as a new combo is locked in, since a free spin is more or less guaranteed as new blocks take the place of the old ones. In that sense, it reminds us of Book of Ra which also has the quality of making every single win exciting - thanks to its double-or-nothing gambit alternative.

Graphics and sound

The introduction video promises a lot for the game - it looks so good and delivers! High quality graphics and sound effects which make us think of a Hollywood movie excites us even before the game has even gotten started.

The beginning of Gonzo's Quest is set on board of a Spanish Caravel in the middle of the night, the full moon high in the sky. Rays of silver shimmer on the deserted island and the promise of an adventure hangs heavy in the air. 

6 years later: still the best intro that has ever been made for a slot machine

Gonzo's Quest is beautiful, pleasant to watch, colorful and playing is like being on a mini vacation in a warm and exotic place. 

You won't be bothered by music, instead you'll hear the sounds of the jungle in the background: crickets, birds, monkeys ... and of course Gonzo himself muttering.

You chubby conquistador is standing to the side of where the symbols fall down, and a small win canmake him dance a little - if you manage yo out him in a really good mood, you might be so lucky and see him do a really elegant moonwalk all over the screen!

Michael Jackson would be jealous of Gonzo's moonwalk

Boredom will cause Gonzo to pick up his map for a closer examination instead of following the game. But hit that sweet, big win and he will run around under the rain of gold, trying to fill his helmet with coins.

The symbols are beautifully designed, colorful and clearly inspired by Mayan culture. At a first glance it's not easy to tell them apart, but it gets easier as you go.

The animations and sound effects are really great, and after a little while you'll learn to associate the short melodies during wins with joy – and not just because it's fun to win, but because they're really nice to listen to. A  lot of effort has gone into making both graphics and sound as great as possible, which is why the result is as awesome as it is.

Theme and concept

You are Gonzo, a character loosely based on the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro, and your goal is to find the mythical city of gold: Eldorado. With the right combination of symbols inspired by Mayan culture, the road to the mythical city could open.

It's basically a typical slot with 5 reels and 3 rows on each reel. Winning combinations are accepted from left to right and could be anything from 3 identical symbols up to 5. 

Exploding blocks are just so much cooler than spinning reels

A winning combination will cause the blocks in question to explode, and new ones will fall down to take their place. If the new blocks create yet another winning combination, this will be paid out, the blocks will explode and make way for new ones to fall down, giving you the chance of yet another winning combo. 

The second winning combination will be multiplied by 2, the third by 3, and the fifth by 5 (4 is skipped, for some reason). 

If you are lucky enough to hit more than 5 combinations in the same spin, they will still only be multiplied with 5 as that is the maximum for regular game play (the free fall bonus mode has others numbers, which we will come back to later in our Gonzo's Quest review).

The jungle theme and the Avalanche reel-feature - that is that free spins (or re-spins) can be triggered by bonus multipliers) - makes this game fresh, original and pretty darn difficult to let go off!

Unique game events

There are 7 different symbols and these are, in order of their worth from highest to lowest: blue, green, brown, purple, yellow, pink and grey. In addition to these there is a bonus symbol in shape of a golden mask which triggers free falls, as well as the wild symbol in the shape of a question mark.

You can only get the free fall-symbol on the first 3 "reels" and three of these - regardless of position - will give 10 free spins. As with the regular game play and its avalanche reel-feature, winning blocks will explode to make space for new ones. Bu in free fall, you start off with x3 per bet when you win.

If you manage to hit more combinations these will be worth x6, x9 or x15. More winning combinations than that will still "only" give you x15 the bet. If you get 3 free fall-symbols during a free fall bonus round, you will naturally be given 10 additional free falls.

Beautiful Maya inspired symbols instead of cherrys and 7s

Theoretically you could go on forever, but in reality the fun will eventually come to an end.  At the bottom of the screen the number of remaining free fall-rounds are displayed. When the round is over, all the winnings will be calculated and added to your gaming account before resuming regular game play.

The wild symbol is a golden question mark on a purple block. You can get this wherever on the screen, and it will then replace all the other symbols, which makes it possible to get more winning combinations in different directions.

Betting options

The minimum bet is 0.2 € and the highest is 50 € per spin. It's not a game for high rollers, but the betting range suits most other players great. There are 20 set paylines, meaning you can't choose fewer than that, as you could with many other games. To us that is a drawback, but one of few we've found with Gonzo's Quest and so minimal that it's hardly even worth mentioning.

The lowest coin value is 1 euro cent and the highest 0.5 €, making Gonzo's Quest a fairly cheap slot to play. Especially as the opportunity for the Avalance reel-feature and repeated free fall bonus rounds to give you the chance of very good winnings, when you consider the low cost for every spin.

It goes without saying that the ratio between cost/win increases substantially when you chose one of our no deposit Gonzo’s Quest slots.

Our free spins doesn't come with a monitor - but you can hit jackpot and buy one!

Gonzo's Quest big win potential

Let's get one thing straight right away: this is not a progressive jackpot game where you can win millions on a single spin. Neither is it as high variance as Book of Ra or Jack and the Beanstalk slot, but you do have more game play time and the chance for many low to medium-high wins. Gonzo's Quest RTP (Return To Player) is about 96 %, so it's pretty ordinary in this aspect.

Five of the blue symbols, a face with big earrings, gives 2 500 coins if they fall on a payline (a maximum of 1 250 € on maxbet). But it is possible to get this (or other) winning combinations over and over on the same spin thanks to the avalanche reel effect, which in turn means there is no maximum limit for what you can win.

Winnings are proportionate to betting: with max bet this would've been 14,248.5 USD

Theoretically then, there is no limit for how big you could win. But in reality the theory of probability puts a stop to that. The chance of getting quite a few big wins on the same spin gives Gonzo's Quest a high rating in this category, much thanks to the relation between the low bets and the potentially high winnings. 

If you play at free spins Gonzo’s Quest slots, however, your investment will be zero which makes for a quite unbeatable ROI (Return Of Investment) once you start winning.

Gonzo's Quest mobile gaming

This was actually one of the very first slots in the world that was optimized for mobile devices, which also was a contributing reason to why it became so immensely popular right from the beginning.

Once you find your free spins Gonzo’s Quest slots, they can be played just as easily on your mobile during a long bus ride, as from the bulky desktop computer at work. The latter is not something we recommend, however (unless your work is to review online slots - which is kind of an amazing job, we must confess).

Play on your smartphone or tablet - wherever you are!


Gonzo's Quest is one of the world's most popular slot machines for a reason. You should find out why for yourself instead of just taking our word for it.

With our no deposit free spins you can try it out for free, and still have the chance to win big. It's hard to find a better offer, so check for yourself and you'll see that everything we write about this awesome game is true!

Rating of Gonzo's Quest

Total rating92%
User friendliness9/10
Graphics and sound10/10
Theme and concept10/10
Unique game events10/10
Betting options8/10
Big win potential8/10

General information

Min. bet0.2€
Max. bet50€
Adjustable game speedNo

What's hot

  • Fantastic intro
  • Top quality graphics and sound
  • Intriguing concept
  • Exciting bonus rounds

What's not

  • Nothing to complain about - everything in Gonzo's jungles is steaming hot!

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