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NetEnt is the top Swedish game developer,  considered by some to be the la crème de la crème when it comes to producing stunningly beautiful, innovative and captivating online slots.

We thought it was about time to pay tribute to these masters of entertainment by going through a few of the most popular NetEnt titles, and also tell you where to find them

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Using the bonuses in the table above is a great way to start playing no deposit NetEnt. In the table below you will find a summary of the most loved NetEnt slots to date. To rank on this list, at a powerhouse slot developing company like NetEnt, each game has to be absolutely top notch. So expect nothing less than close to perfection from these slots.

Free Spins on NetEnt Slots

Slot NameLearn More
Dazzle Me Slots
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Gonzo's Quest Slots
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Starburst Slots
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Jack and the Beanstalk Slots
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Robin Hood Slots
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Dazzle Me

Dazzle Me – yet another grand success from the geniuses over at NetEnt

This time it's all about a glimmering slot with classical "BAR" symbols, sevens, bells, gem stones and free spin symbols. NetEnt released the slot back in August 2015 and simultaneously a lot of Swedish casino operators ran massive marketing campaigns. That is part of the enormous fan base that this game enjoys still to this date.

Even 2 years after its release, millions of gamblers across the world just loves Dazzle Me - and it's no mystery either. It has several similarities with Starburst, but is several year younger and therefore both the visual impression and the graphics is so much more brilliant.

So how can one summarize this slot then? Well, a futuristic, retro-chic slot with discoinspired music and awesome sounds and graphics would be a good start. It's a great slot, so good that it's truly addictive to be honest. One of the most popular no deposit NetEnt slots.

Really a must try!

User friendliness

The slot is so original that it's hardly possible to explain in a bried way how it's been designed. But as can be seen on the image above there are 5 reels, out of which the first 2 have 3 rows. The middle 2 have 4 rows each. The 5th and last reel have 5 rows. This means that there are 76 possible paylines, a very unique number for any online slot.

We would even like to go so far as to say that it isn't exactly clear why you win or lose on Dazzle Me, at least not in the beginning. It's nowhere near as user friendly as Gonzo's Quest, Starburst or Jack and the Beanstalk. But that shoudln't turn away anyone from this game, because once you get the hang of it, it's quite clear what's so ingenious about the design and game play mechanics.

You just play Dazzle Me for half an hour or so, and you will fully understand what we're talking about. NetEnt are famous for continuosly revolutionixzing the industry and many of the newest, most original concepts within online slot gaming stems from this Swedish developer.

The entire world was surprised at the launch of Gonzo's Quest and it became appearant that there where no spinning reels, only falling block that exploded once winning paylines were formed.

Dazzle Me is something along those lines as wheel, the varying number of rows at each reels opens up for a whole new kind of gameplay.
One of the best things about Dazzle Me is the absolutely superior graphics. Very few, if any, slot out there can compette with crisper symbols, brighter colours or even better sound effects. Just like Starburst it is devoid of humans and animals altogether, but it's now more than proven that it's not necessary to have that in order to create a blockbuster.

Needless to say, Dazzle Me was produced many years later than Starburst so it is of course light years ahead when it comes to graphics and sounds. Yet another reason to try this up and coming classics.

Strong, bright colours invigorates you.

The first thing that strikes us are the colours. It's a matter of really strong, clear colours that - put simply - just make you happy. Dazzle Me is enjoyable just to look at, even when you don't play, and it's almost impossible to get tired of watching at glimmering gemstones.

Regarding the sound, it holds the exact same class. Soft and relaxed music makes it possible to sit with this game for hours without even getting near of tired.

The developers seems to have taken a whole lot wisdom with them from the development of Starburst, that also have very soothing and relaxing sound effects.

The ONLY thing we would like to critcize is that there are two different gemstones with the same colour (blue). Although they are of different nuances, it's still close enough to make mistakes possible and it's just an unnecessary element that could've been easily avoided.

Even more NetEnt games

Jack and the Beanstalk

In this review we will delve into the magical adventure of Jack and the Beanstalk - one of NetEnts most beautiful games.

As is usually the case, NetEnt is behind the best slot titles. Jack and the Beanstalk is in the top even amongst NetEnt games, which says a lot about the quality. The game is loosely based on the fairy tale with the same name, and several elements will take you right back to this classic.

Players will no doubt get a fairy tale-feel throughout the game, as it’s kind of finding oneself in a long lost village where magical things really do happen. So let us take a closer look at Jack and the Beanstalk and what it’s all about! It's no surprise that this is among the top ten favourite no deposit NetEnt slots.


This is a common 5-reel, 3 rows type of slot. There are the 5 common symbols (10, J, Q, K and A) as well as 5 more valuable symbols (one of these is Jack himself). With only 20 paylines and a classic setup, this game is easy to understand even for those who are new to slot games. The only thing that sets it apart from the classic gameplay is The Walking Wild.

The Wild symbol in Jack and the Beanstalk replaces all symbols except for the treasure chest (the symbol for the free spins-mode).

But what makes this game a little different is that should you, for example, get the Wild symbol on the third reel from the left, you’ll first get payed for the winning combinations created on that spin.

After that, you’ll get a free spin while The Walking Wild moves to the second reel from the left. Again, you will be payed for the winning combinations first and then the Wild symbol will move on to the first reel from the left.

So the Wild symbol is basically a sort of free spins symbol in Jack and the Beanstalk, even though we shouldn’t confuse it with the free spins mode, which is something entirely different.

The latter is something very interesting in this game, unlike many other slots where the free spins mode is simply regular gameplay with somewhat better winnings and spins you don’t have to pay for. This is why we have devoted a whole paragraph exclusively for this unique gameplay in Jack and the Beanstalk.

We would like to claim that the easily distinguishable symbols and easy setup makes Jack and the Beanstalk more user friendly than Gonzo's Quest, but not as easy as the favourite amongst most newbies - Starburst. The reason behind this is the very interesting, but somewhat complicated, bonus mode that lucky players will get to experience.

Sound and Graphics

We still haven’t come across a single NetEnt slot with poor graphics and sound, so Jack and the Beanstalk is of course not an exception. We’re talking about graphics that make you think of high quality cartoons.

The symbols are crystal clear, the sound is great and, more than anything, everything comes together beautifully. Blue butterflies fly across your screen, the rural village serves as the backdrop and you’ll hear no music but tranquil sounds from the slot machine as the reels turn.

The Walking Wild helps you win - again and again!

Since everything is so sweet and harmonious, you can really spend a lot of time on this slot. It’s truly fascinating, since these “slower” and more quiet slots usually don’t make it into our favourites list - but Jack and the Beanstalk is obviously an exception from this rule.

Fewer and fewer slots seem to skip the music nowadays, so it’s quite nice when big developers decide to do so and make it work as well as in Jack and the Beanstalk.

A nice side effect from everything being so tranquil is that once The Walking Wild shows up and the music starts pumping, so does your pulse! You instinctively know that a win is in your future and your brain starts to connect the music with positive feelings, so you can’t help but find yourself waiting for the music to start.

Several of the animations which could best be described as “cute” pop up every so often, which is basically the feeling that you get throughout the whole game. There is no danger whatsoever lurking in the background, as in Mr Green: Moonlight, for example. On the contrary, Jack and the Beanstalk will make you feel calm and safe.


Many of the casinos who work together with swedish game developer Net Entertainment offers free spins on Starburst as part of their bonus offers and this is by far the most popular no deposit NetEnt slot.

Most of the free spins are often tied exclusively to Starburst, so you’d be hardpressed to find an online gamer who isn’t fully aware of its existence. It is probably the most famous digital slot machine in the world, and much of the popularity of Starburst lies in its simplicity. 

The Wild symbol in Starburst is a (now iconic) rainbow-coloured star. This, together with the fact that you can win from two directions, makes every spin exciting - which is more than you can say for many of its competitors.

It’s also incredibly easy to get a hang of how the game works, which drives up the entertainment value, considering it’s pretty hard to have fun with a game you just can’t understand.

With 5 reels and 3 possible symbols on every reel, this game reminds us of classic one-armed bandits. Even a complete beginner will learn the ropes of Starburst in just a few spins, especially since you can choose to use only 3 paylines, making it even more comprehensible. The simplicity and the high user friendliness are without a doubt the strengths behind Starburst.


The Wild symbol in Starburst is a (now iconic) rainbow-coloured star. This, together with the fact that you can win from two directions, makes every spin exciting - which is more than you can say for many of its competitors.

It’s also incredibly easy to get a hang of how the game works, which drives up the entertainment value, considering it’s pretty hard to have fun with a game you just can’t understand.

With 5 reels and 3 possible symbols on every reel, this game reminds us of classic one-armed bandits. Even a complete beginner will learn the ropes of Starburst in just a few spins, especially since you can choose to use only 3 paylines, making it even more comprehensible. The simplicity and the high user friendliness are without a doubt the strengths behind Starburst.

Gonzo's Quest

Gonzo's Quest – perhaps NetEnt’s funniest video slot ever!

We give you all the info about how to play it, how to win and which bonus codes that will let you start out with a few hundred extra on your gaming account.

Gonzo's Quest was launched in spring 2010, so even though it’s not a new slot, it’s still one of Scandinavia’s most popular games - year after year! And there are several reasons behind this incredible popularity, one of these is the fact that it was one of the first games ever to be available on both smart phones and tablets.

Gonzo's Quest is also one of Net Entertainment’s best creations ever, so it’s easy for anyone to understand the hype once they’ve spent a little time playing it. It’s really quite enough to watch the captivating introduction video to get in the right mood.

Forget that you’re playing an online slot. You are now a Spanish conquistador, the year is 1541 and you are on the hunt for the mythical city of gold - Eldorado - in the jungles of Latin America!

User friendliness

The first thing you’ll notice is that this isn’t one of your regular 5-reel, 3-row slot on a classic video bandit. Instead, you’ll encounter building blocks that fall down and explode when they enter winning combinations - very much like Tetris, actually.

These free falling blocks with symbols on them are a breath of fresh air in a world that still today - 6 years after the launch of Gonzo’s Quest - is almost completely dominated by spinning reels. One other exception is Da Vinci Diamonds and its Tumbling Reels, which are reminiscent of the Avalanche feature in Gonzo's Quest.

It really isn’t a challenge to learn how to play Gonzo's Quest. Your goal in short is like in any other slot to get combinations - left to right is the only direction in this particular game.

What could confuse new players are the 20 paylines, which isn’t even close to extreme in any way (remember that Amazon Wild and Cashapillar have 100 paylines, while The Dark Knight and  Jurassic Park have a whooping 243 ways to win).

But Gonzo's Quest still isn’t as user friendly as, for example, Starburst or Evolution. The classic Avalanche feature – that is that new blocks fall down when a combination has been entered and the blocks exploded – is incredibly intuitive. It makes every spin that much more interesting as soon as you hit a combo, because you’ll get a “free spin” more or less automatically since new blocks will take the place of the old ones. 

Graphics and sound

The introduction video alone sets the bar high for this game: it’s looks great. The graphics are of a very high quality and the sound effects makes you think of a Hollywood production, making it exciting long before you even started to play the game. Gonzo's Quest starts off aboard a spanish caravel at night when the full moon is high in the sky. Silver beams cast their shadows from the desolate island and the tension lies heavy in the air.

Gonzo's Quest is beautiful, pleasant to watch, colorful and playing is like taking a mini vacation in a hot, exotic place. 

You won’t be bothered by any music, all you hear is the jungle in the background - crickets, birds, monkeys … and the murmurs of Gonzo, of course. He stands to the side of the place where the symbols fall and small winnings might make him do a little dance of joy. If you’re lucky and he’s in a great mood he’ll even do an elegant moon walk across the whole screen!

Theme and concept

You are Gonzo, a character loosely based on spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro, and your goal is to find the city of gold: Eldorado. With the right combinations of the mysterious, Maya inspired symbols, the road to the mythical city can open. With a plot line like that, it's not hard to see why so many players want to get their hands on no deposit Netent slot free spins.

It’s basically a typical video slot with 5 reels and 3 row on each reel. Winning combinations are counted from left to right and could be anything from 3 to 5 of the same symbol. 

A winning combination will cause the winning blocks to explode, and new falling blocks will take their place. If the new blocks happen to create yet another winning combination it will be payed out, the blocks will explode and make way for the chance of making yet another winning combo. Winning combination number 2 will be multiplied by 2, combo 3 with 3 and 5 by 5 (they’ve skipped 4, for whatever reason).

If you’re lucky enough to get more than 5 combinations in a single spin, your winnings will still be multiplied by 5, since this is the maximum in regular gameplay (the free fall bonus mode has different numbers, which we will get back to further down).

The jungle theme and the Avalanche feature, that is that free spins (or re-spins) can be triggered with bonus multipliers, makes this game fresh, rare and pretty hard to part with when it’s time to get back to your everyday duties.

There are 7 different symbols and these are, in descending order of value: blue, green, brown, purple, yellow, pink and grey. In addition to these there is a Bonus symbol in the shape of a golden mask which triggers free fall, as well as the Wild symbol in the shape of a question mark.

Unique bonus features

You can only get the Free fall symbol on the first 3 reels, and 3 of these - regardless of their position - gives 10 free spins. Like with regular gameplay and its Avalanche feature, the winning exploding blocks will make way for new ones. But in the Free fall mode you’ll start off on x3 per bet when you win.

If you get more combinations these will be worth x6, x9 or x15. More winning combinations will still “only” give you x15 your stake. If you happen to get 3 of the free fall symbols during a free fall bonus round, you’ll naturally get 10 new free falls.

Theoretically you could go on playing forever, but in reality all the fun has to stop sometime. The number of free falls that you still have at your disposal are displayed at the bottom of the game. When the round is over, all winnings will be counted together and added to your gaming account before regular gameplay is resumed.

The Wild symbol is a golden question mark resting on a purple building block. This can appear anywhere on the reels and will then replace all other symbols, which gives you the opportunity of even more winning combinations in different directions.

How to get +500 NetEnt free spins

We have scoured the net and collected an impressive number of free spins that you can get. You will find all of them in this article about NetEnt Free Spins.

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NetEnt aren't the only makers of awesome slot machines. Take a moment to check out our latest reviews, bonus offers and gaming tips below.

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