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In the world of online casino, there are a number of classic slot games, but none so more than Cleopatra no deposit video slots. Featured in land based casinos and online casinos the world over, the queen of slot games impresses players with its simplicity and Egyptian riches. 

To find out more about Cleopatra free spins and the best places to play, read on for our full review plus recommendations. We will talk about the slots RTP, the features and some of the biggest ever winners.

Where to play No Deposit Cleopatra

This slot is featured on many online casinos, some of which who offer no deposit slots deals to welcome players into the site. 

Claiming a Cleopatra no deposit offer will not only let you experience what the casino has to offer, but also give you a chance to spin on your favourite games for free. Here’s our top pick of no deposit Cleopatra free spin casinos: 
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Game History

The queen of slots was created by none other than IGT - who are one of the biggest slot game developers the world over. International Gaming Technologies was founded in 1975 and became an established provider of land based casino games. 

Upon launching in casinos, Cleopatra received a queen’s welcome, stunning players with sensational gameplay and Egyptian flair. A cult following was quickly established and casino’s love affair with Egyptian themed games continued. It comes as no surprise that this slot was one of the first to be adapted for online play and gave casino players a new way to access their favourite land based slot. 

Hail the undisputed queen of spin

And then the dawn of smartphones came upon us, giving players access to Cleopatra slots mobile. Casinos love affair with this mysterious game truly is an impressive one. But what makes this slot so special compared to other slots of a similar theme?


Like many famous Vegas slots, Cleopatra no deposit slots adopts an Egyptian look and feel. Sphinxes, hieroglyphs, scarabs… even traditional slot symbols have been given a taste of the Nile and are decorated with feathers and other pieces of ornate fashion.

Although the queen is aging (don’t tell her we said that) there’s still a classic charm here that is timeless - you can almost feel the years of appreciation for this classic title.


For a slot themed after ancient Egypt, only music befitting of such a time would suffice. And indeed it does, but along with the traditional Egyptian music, you are also treated to a choir of tribal drums. The marriage of these unique sounds makes for an audio treat.

Hearing the queen herself is also quite a treat and you will hear it several times here - especially during the Cleopatra free spins bonus round. Upon launching the slot, the queen will welcome you herself, citing that her fortune is yours (to quote one soundbyte). If you win with a lucky spin, the queen herself will congratulate you: we are quite partial to hearing “very pleasurable” after a profitable spin.

Ancient Egypt is the in look this season

Visually, this game isn’t going to give a NetEnt slot a run for its money anytime soon; for the most part, the queen of spin looks a little dated. The symbols themselves look crisp and clean however... someone has given the old gal a HD lick of paint before launching for the online world.


One aspect of the slot that has made it such a hit is its difficulty level - of which there really is none. That’s why players love the Cleopatra slots free play mode that features on many casinos. 

For new slots players, this is the perfect game to start with as it will teach you the most common aspects of slots like wilds and scatter bonuses. 

If you would like to play for cash, then we have also collected a number of the best no deposit Cleopatra slots casinos above. 


Cleopatra is a 20 payline slot that features a number of special symbols - if you get a combination of the following or are lucky enough hit a whole payline with them, you could be looking at exotic riches beyond your wildest dreams. Here’s a couple you should be keeping an eye out for.

Cleopatra Wild Symbol

Of course the queen herself had to appear in her own slot game - not only this, but she also had to be one of the key symbols to racking up amazing wins. The Cleopatra wild replaces any other symbol in a payline combination (except the sphinx). 

That would be amazing in itself, but this queen isn’t done yet; any winnings including the Cleopatra wild will be doubled. For the maximum payline win, you will need to match up 5 wild symbols on one of the 20 paylines.

As we mentioned before, this really is one of the perfect starter games for new slots players. While newer slots like to experiment with the wild symbols and make them more complex for players, the queen is happy to stick to a more basic and trusted symbol mechanic.

Even the Pharaohs would be jealous of all this bling

Sphinx Scatter Symbol

Ask any slot player what’s their favourite thing about playing online slot games, and you may hear among the many reasons bonus rounds. Bonus rounds are always exciting, because they have the potential to be extremely profitable. The Cleopatra free spins bonus round is no different. To enter the bonus round, you will need to match 3, 4 or 5 of the Sphinx head. Upon matching these symbols, you will activate the bonus round. 

Other symbols

The other symbols in the game unfortunately don’t contribute to any further bonus rounds, but there are a number of high value symbols to look out for. The scarab and feathered musical instrument in particular can be very fruitful, with a max payout of 750 coins for matching 5. If your lucks in and you manage to line up a wild as well, you could be looking at a stonking 1,500 win! But that’s not all - match these symbols on a bonus round and you could be looking at a godly 4,500 coin haul. 

Gold bar engraved with hieroglyphics? Yep, that’s here too - with a max payout of 400 coins for 5 matching symbols. Of course, the Cleopatra wild can double this for an 800 coin payout. Hit this on the bonus round and you are looking at a 2,400 coin win to fill up your purse. Finally, we have the Egyptian treasure eye and crook for a max payout of 250 for a 5 line win (and 500 for a 5 line win with a wild increasing to 750 in the bonus rounds).


The free spins Cleopatra slots bonus is again, not as grand and fancy as other slot games, but the beauty is in its simplicity. Match the correct number of Sphinx heads (3,4,or 5) and the bonus round will activate. The bonus round consists of 15 free spins and the winnings of the spins are tripled, except the 5 Wild symbols, which will always pay out 10,000 coins.

The bonus round is key to big wins

If 3 or more sphinx symbols appear on the reels during the bonus round then even more free spins will be added to your total - up to a maximum of 180 spins. The scatter symbols can also be profitable if they appear on paylines. 

2 sphinx award double the value of the bet, while 3 sphinxes pays out 5 times the original bet. 4 sphinx will pay 20 times the original bet while 5 will pay out a whopping 100 times the original bet.

Yes, it’s simple - but if it’s not broke, why fix it? We’re sure they probably didn’t say that in ancient Egypt, but it applies all the same. The bonus round is fantastic and exciting with the potential for enormous, life changing payouts.

Betting Options

Spins can be cheaper than a scarabs dung ball or as expensive as the queen's jewels. The lowest bet amount can be as little as 1p - perfect for slots players that want to make their bets last. 

The maximum bet amount is £250 and has the potential for some very large payouts. These are two extreme ends of the scale, but the lines and line bets are fully customisable to meet your gambling needs.

Did someone say 15 free games?


With this title being one of IGTs star attractions, it’s no surprise to hear that this was one of the first games optimised for smartphones and tablet. 

Cleopatra no deposit slots on mobile is the perfect way to enjoy the riches of ancient egypt on the go and it retains all the same great features as the desktop/casino counterpart. Playing on mobile is even more convenient without the need to use a clunky mouse to adjust betting limits and the number of active paylines. 

With the transition to mobile - the queen was also given a shiny new look; even though this slot has some years under its belt - it's looking better than ever!

The queen is a looker on mobile too


In 2016, the gods smiled kindly on one player from the Northeast of England - it’s as if Ra himself entered her front room and graced her with the treasures of the Pharaohs. 

From just a 40p spin, the industrious nurse became an instant millionaire with £1 million ready to be transferred to her bank account. 

What makes this particular story so amazing was the value of the spin - it shows that you don’t have to plow hundreds of coins into a machine before you yield a satisfying payout.


RTP: 95.02%

Despite producing some extraordinary winners, as with all slot games, there is an element of volatility to be expected from Cleopatra slots. The expected RTP from this particular slot is 95.02% - which is suffice to say, higher than some of the games available on online casinos. 

We recommend always checking the RTP before spinning any slot, just to see where you stand and how likely you are to walk away with a house win rather than a house downer


We have touched upon the fact that this slot has a massive cult following, and is popular in casinos the world over. There are several reasons that we can pinpoint. Firstly, it’s simple - the symbols and bonus rounds are easy to understand and most of all fun. With the potential to win up to 180 free spins with triple the winnings… you could be swimming in the Egyptian riches.

Secondly, the Egyptian theme - which is 1000 times better than other slot games using a similar theme. Finally, the history - this plays like a classic, looks like a classic and is indeed a classic.


  • Ancient Egyptian theme is stunning
  • Easy to master
  • Rewarding bonus rounds

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