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How to beat wagering requirements

  • Find out the truth behind wagering requirements and learn how to beat them
  • We share exclusive tips that will give you the best chance of turning any bonus into cash

How to beat wagering requirements

There may be a couple of reasons why you have found this article. Perhaps you have gone to a site, claimed a bonus and cannot withdraw it; understandably, you are probably slightly confused.  Maybe you have visited a site and heard about these so called wagering requirements or you have heard other players speaking about them.  Or it may just be a case that you have had enough and have finally asked: how do you beat wagering requirements?

Today, that is the exact question we are going to answer for you. We are going to show you the truth about wagering and give you all the information you need to beat it. 

What is a wagering requirement?

Before we learn how to beat the wagering, we have to understand what wagering is. A wager is basically any bet or money spent on a slot, casino or bingo game. In the context of a bonus, a wagering requirement is a set of conditions a player has to meet before the bonus can be withdrawn. Some of these conditions are basic - meeting a minimum withdrawal limit for example. However, wagering requirements become more complicated when terms and conditions start talking about wagering the bonus a certain amount of times. And this is where many players get stuck.

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Whenever you accept a bonus, you will likely need to fulfill the wagering side of these requirements. Essentially, you will be required to play the bonus a number of times before it becomes eligible for withdrawal. Now it is important to note that some games actually contribute to wagering requirements less than others. Games like bingo and slots will usually contribute 100% to the wagering requirements. On the other hand, casino games like roulette or blackjack will only contribute a fraction of that amount. Why is this? Bingo and slots are far more volatile, meaning the results are much harder to predict because of their randomness. Casino games like roulette on the other hand give players far more control over the risk of their bets.

And as a final complication to the wagering requirements scenario - some sites will require that you wager the bonus AND the original deposit value to activate the bonus. It’s no wonder players can feel confused with the lack of information out there - but stay tuned and you will soon be a wagering expert.

How to calculate bonus wagering requirements?

We’re still waiting for some clever chap to build us an easy to use wagering requirements calculator - but you can actually do it yourself with a little bit of maths. Let’s say a new site has launched - and it has a very attractive bonus offer, maybe a £50 bingo bonus when you deposit £10. Now let’s say that this bonus comes with a 4 times wagering requirement. All you have to do is multiply the bonus by the wagering requirement. Using our previous example - that would be:

Wagering example (bonus only): £50 bonus x 4 wagering requirement = £200 

To withdraw this particular bonus, you will need to make £200 in bingo ticket purchases or wagering. Now let’s say using this example again that the wagering requirements also stipulate that you will need to wager your deposit as well. Using this new information, all we have to do is add the total deposit with the awarded bonus amount and then times that by the wagering requirements. Let’s have a look:

Wagering example (bonus and deposit): £10 deposit + £50 bonus x 4 wagering requirement = £240

Factoring in the deposit to the wagering has boosted the requirements by 20%, giving you even more work to do. Finally, let’s assume that this bonus is not just a bingo bonus and that there is also a slots bonus element to take into account. Slots normally have higher wagering requirements due to the speed of the games - wagering can be completed much quicker. Using our original example again, let’s say that £50 bonus actually includes a £10 slots bonus - and let’s say that this slots bonus has a wagering of 40x - what does our wagering look like now?

Wagering example (hybrid bingo and slots bonus): (£40 bonus x 4 wagering requirement = £160) + (£10 slots bonus x 40 wagering requirement = £400) = £560

With a slots bonus involved the total wagering has skyrocketed from just a simple bingo bonus. It’s worth bearing in mind that both sets of wagering usually don’t need to be completed together and you can attempt to fulfill one set of requirements before attempting the next. Keep in mind that these bonuses do normally have an expiry date so you will want to make sure you complete the wagering before the bonus is removed from your account.

How to find bonus wagering requirements?

So you now know what a wagering requirement is and how to find out how much wagering is needed to meet the requirements… but where do you find the requirements? Thanks to regulation updates, bonus wagering has become more visible than ever. By law, any operator offering a bonus or free spins will need to have significant T&Cs in plain sight of the offer. There should also be a link to a fuller explanation of these T&Cs somewhere on the promotions page or in the email. 

If you still cannot find the wagering or they use some vague expression like “wagering requirements apply”, then head over to the sites terms and conditions page. You will usually find a link to this page at the bottom of the site. Now that you have the page, you can search (ctrl + F for windows, Apple command key + F for Mac) for terms like wagering or requirements. It may take you a while to get the search right, but you should be able to finally find the elusive bonus wagering requirements.

Why sites have wagering requirements?

This is a common question that often puts gambling sites in a bad light - it almost seems that they are forcing wagering onto players to trap them. But this is far from the truth. The primary reason that sites have wagering requirements is to comply with anti money laundering regulations. If sites had no wagering requirements, then criminals would be able to essentially clean their ill begotten funds by making a deposit and withdrawing instantly. With wagering requirements, this becomes an impossibility.

How to beat wagering: a step by step approach

We have given you the answers to many common questions and now we are going to show you how to stand the best chance of completing any wagering requirement.

Step 1: Choose your next site carefully

We’re not talking in terms of the security or the safety of the site - that is a given with any brand licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. We’re talking about picking your site based on the bonus - not all brands are created equal. Some are fairer than others and their wagering and conditions will reflect that. If you see a site and you like the bonus, then move on to the next step.

Step 2: Check the bonus terms and conditions

As we have touched upon before, any marketing from a gambling brand licensed by the UKGC needs to have significant terms and conditions next to the offer. Here you will find the wagering and any other important notes about the bonus. But don’t click that join now button just yet - instead head to the promotions page or scroll down the page to find the full T&Cs - here you will find all the information you need to know before accepting any bonus.

The two above steps may seem tedious and time consuming - we’re sure you just want to launch a slot or head into the bingo room to play for that full house jackpot. One of the easiest ways to give yourself the best chance of converting a bonus is to totally avoid the unfair sites. Steer clear from these brands with astronomical requirements and play at brands who have much fairer withdrawal policies, giving you a better chance of converting that bonus.

You will also want to check if their is a cap on the amount of winnings you could receive or if a bonus is forfeited if part of it is withdrawn. Finally, you will want to take a look at the sites withdrawal policy just to see how long the bonus will take to withdraw. 

Step 3: Sign up and play the bonus

If you find a site you are happy with that has attainable wagering requirements, then all you have to do is play the bonus and hope lady luck is singing your tune. If you don’t mind signing up to a few sites in quick succession, you could always adopt a more industrious approach: find many sites with no deposit deals and sign up and play their bonus; if you rinse and repeat this with many sites, you could walk away with some real money in your pocket.

Step 4: Make sure you have identification

Met those wagering requirements? Firstly, give us a high five - well done! Next you are going to want to get that cash into your bank account. However, it’s almost a dead certainty that the site in question will require some kind of identification from yourself. Once again, this is all around preventing identity theft which gambling sites have to comply to - so there’s not much we can do about this. Accepted forms of identification include driving licenses and passports - you will also likely need to send over utility bills.

How to avoid wagering requirements?

Let’s be honest - with all its good intentions, wagering is a bit of a nuisance. So much so, that some may even prefer to avoid wagering requirements altogether. If you want no wagering on a bonus - then perhaps it’s worth asking yourself: do I need a bonus? Because there is an option to just play with your own cash - allowing you to win real money right from the off. The quickest way to avoid a bonus is to contact the site customer service team - you can ask them to remove the bonus from your deposit altogether. And hey presto - you have no wagering to worry about!

The Future of Wagering Requirements

With operators set to be hit by a number of different free bonus taxes in the future, there is bound to be some kind of shift in the way sites promote their offerings to players. Instead of bonuses, we may see an increasing reliance on free spin promotions or some kind of free play independent from a bonus. Sites may just do away with bonuses altogether - forcing them to improve the quality of their products through non bonus means. Whatever the future holds, we’re sure it will be an interesting one for bingo and casinos players everywhere.

As it currently stands, we have to deal with wagering in its current state - but here at we try especially hard to find you fair no deposit deals to enjoy on a daily basis. One of the fairest sites we have come across recently is Sky Vegas who have a £10 no deposit bonus just for signing up. Not only is this a fantastic site, but the bonus has remarkably fair wagering at only 20 times the value of the bonus.

We hope this guide has helped you to understand a complicated subject and we promise to do even more in the future. If you have any further questions about this article or would like even more wagering tips - tweet us @nodeposit. 

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How to beat wagering requirements

Give yourself a better chance of beating wagering requirements with this easy to follow guide.

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